Chapter 19
Tomes...err, I mean bowls away!

Game Date: March 21, 2012. Podcast of Game.

The Captain ordered the Doctor to create an airborn poison he could launch at the Orcs. Goodacre began preparations to attack the Orcs and Madame Tome objected. She argued to the Captain that it would be better to get to Ansalon as fast as possible, instead of attacking the Orcs below. The Chief ordered his men to remove Tome from the deck, but she was large and stubborn: they were unsuccessful in their efforts to dislodge her from the deck.

The two exchanged harshe words, each calling the other an Orc. Enraged, the Captain snatched her up and was about to throw her overboard with Reboot’s help. Before he could toss her off the ship, the Doctor jumped on the Captain’s back and gave Tome enough time to escape the long drop. She made one last unsuccessful plea and retired to her quarters. The Captain pulled his sword and told the Doctor if he ever touched the Captain again, the Doctor would be tending to himself. He then ordered him to make the poison.

Meanwhile, Stutler was below attempted to recreate his notes, (they were lost in the conflagration of The Legacy’s previous “hard burn”). He would not be distracted by Court, who asked him for a map to where his notes were located in Ansalon. Unsuccessful, Court decided he would steal the bowl from the engine room to prevent Reboot and Chief Grekko from examining its contents further.

Bowl hidden under coat, Court ran into the returning Doctor in the hall. The Doctor saw the bowl, but did not let on. The Doctor told Court what had transpired above, and watched Court go into his quarters. The Doctor went into his quarters and began making the airborn poison.

Alone, Court threw the bowl out of the porthole in his quarters. Above, the Captain, the Chief, and Jakob, saw the object fly out of the window. The Captain and Chief thought it came from Tome’s quarters and jumped to the conclusion that Tome was sending messages to the Orcs below. Only Jakob saw the bowl for what it was: a bowl coming from Court’s room. Jakob argued with them. They went to Court’s quarters to question him. Reboot heard the commotion and joined them, after reviewing Stutler’s notes and adding a “theta” to the equation. Court was not in, but Jakob found oatmeal residue on the sill of the porthole.

The Captain ordered the Chief to send men to get Court. He and the Doctor went to see the Captain, who questioned him. The Doctor lied and covered for the navigator, saying that Jakob was wrong and that Court had been with him the whole time. Alibi!

The Captain and Chief believed the Doctor, he but wanted to check on the bowl, nonetheless. They all headed to retrieve it from the engine room…

They were just about to enter the engine room when The Legacy began losing altitude and dipped into the trees. Everyone got to work: Jakob on deck, the Captain and Court at the helm, Reboot using engineering and assisted by Stutler’s (theta amended) notes. The ship rose again and made one last skytanium-burning leap to Ansalon.

In the excitement, the Doctor confused the airborn poison for the Orcs with the poison he used to kill Salamdin. The latter is launched (without affect) at the Orc forces in the forest below. He now has a debilitative poison that will affect anyone in a large vicinity when it it opened…

The arrow limps into Ansalon. On fumes…

Chapter 18
It's better to burn out than to fade away.

Game Date: March 14, 2012. Podcast of Game.

Tome advises the Captain and the Chief of Salamdin’s demise. The Captain tells her to get the Doctor and meet Grekko at his quarters.

Chief Grekko gets the bowl containing remnants of the poisoned gruel. The Doctor arrives and gives Salamdin’s corpse the once over. The Doctor lies and tells Grekko that the Elf had an allergic reaction. Grekko believes that the Doctor is telling the truth but also that foul play is afoot.

Meanwhile, Court has plotted a course for the Misty Isles. The Captain has told Stutler to help Reboot get the The Legacy going and not to hurt the ship. Stutler “agrees”. Stutler gets to work on a few “harmless” modifications. As he is about to throw the switch, the Captain and Reboot catch him and Reboot tussles with the sorcerer to prevent him from starting the engine. Stutler bests Reboot and sends him into some cables where he watches helplessly as Stutler throws the switch.

The heat and light from the engine suffuses the ship’s Elf Wood hull at an alarming rate. The Legacy leaps forward—she speeds toward the Misty Isles like a comet. Stutler runs to the bow and spreads his arms to the rushing wind. The arrow is getting hot fast. Smoke fills the engine room, loose papers catch fire, smoke billows.

Reboot and the Chief meet the rest of the Crew on deck and see the Misty Isles approaching quickly. In the distance, 4 Orc arrows lumber into the air and turn to intercept The Legacy.
The Captain cries for battle stations! The Legacy is outnumbered, but it has two unlicensed ballistas, unmatched speed, and a competent captain and crew.

The Legacy destroys the other enemy ships and they fall into the ocean.

Nevertheless, Stutler’s enhancements have taxed the arrow’s engine and fuel reserves. It streaks over Ansalon and the invading Orc host below, coming to rest in the forest miles beyond. Jakob makes sure the ship settles safely and assists the Haven force establish a perimeter until the arrow is fixed.

The crew knows that they have mere hours before the Orcs arrive and attack them, they have to get The Legacy airborne quickly.

The Chief wants Reboot to examine the poisoned bowl, but the Captain overrules him and orders Reboot to work on the engine. Reluctantly, he does so. Reboot works quickly and (with the help of a more lucid Stutler) he gets the arrow into the sky as night falls.

The Legacy is flying, but just barely. The Captain and Court plot a course back to the City. Th arrow cruises slowly and quietly over the forest. Below, the crew can hear a large Orc force travelling the opposite direction beneath the ship.

Reboot decides to bring the fight to the Orcs. Without much resistance from the Captain, he fires a flaming bolt into the force below. He kills several Orcs but alerts the rest to the ship’s presence overhead.

The Orcs raise a battle cry and the race is on to Ansalon…

Chapter 16
Go baby, go!
Game Date: February 22, 2012. Podcast of Game.

Captain Goodacre knew he was in a pickle without a sorcerer to monitor his ship during the race. Jakob told him that the sorcerer on his previous ship, The Devil’s Bodkin, had disappeared during the skirmish with the Orcs. Court thought the most likely hiding place was a nearby pirate cove. The crew went to look for the sorcerer.

They found the sorcerer, David Stutler, huddled by a fire talking to himself. Stutler was obviously mad. Against Reboot’s wishes, the Captain asked Stutler to come and be his new ship’s sorcerer — an offer he readily accepted.

Back on the ship, Stutler began making several questionable modifications to The Legacy. After much negotiation, the Captain convinced him to work with Reboot.

With the help of Reboot’s engineering, Court’s navigation, Stutler’s sorcery, and the rest of the crew’s help, The Legacy bested The Last Resort. Captain Milton appeared to live up to his word and agreed to leave and not to reveal Captain Goodacre’s location to Haven. For added measure, Milton had Salamdin thrown from his ship because he was going to “betray Goodacre.”

Salamdin was taken aboard The Legacy and, after being punched in the face by Chief, he was take below for “treatment” by the Doctor…

Chapter 15
Wanna bet?
Game Date: February 15, 2012. Podcast of Game.

The game opened with Jakob standing in the carnage of the battle between his crew and the Orcs. His former ship and crew mates were strewn about him along with the wreck of his former ship, and the Orcs that had ambushed them. The Orc ship, ablaze nearby, had a large hole in its side and was settling slowly in the tide. From its bowels, Jakob heard the sound of whimpering coming from the hole. He went to investigate.

As Jakob neared the breach, a wounded Orc lunged from the gaping hole into the sunlight and attacked him. Blinded, the beast scored a glancing blow. Jakob knocked him unconscious and quickly dispatched him.

Inside, Jakob found a Great Wolf cub. Jakob calmed the wolf with some of the nearby “fresh meat” and then went to work freeing the cub from his chains.

Meanwhile, in Monger, the Captain, Reboot, and the Doctor learned from one of the local urchins that an arrow had been attacked up the coast. The trio went to investigate.

A few miles out, Commander Grekko met with Milton, the Captain of the transport The Last Resort. The Captain advised Grekko that Salamdin would like remain aboard the ship. Grekko agreed.

The three from The Legacy found that the skirmish was over. Reboot scavenged some parts from the wreckage on the beach. During the salvage, Captain Goodacre heard noises coming from the hull of the Orc ship as Jakob ripped the wolf’s chain free. Goodacre and the others approached warily and were surprised when Jakob emerged with the wolf. The large man introduced himself and the wolf, “Huckleberry”. They all agreed that the pair would make a fine addition to the crew.

Back on The Last Resort, the look out advised the Captain that he spotted a grounded arrow in the village of Monger. The Captain had “Hans” to swing the arrow around for a better look.

In the distance, Goodacre and the rest saw the large transport circling the village and double-time it back to their ship. They were spotted running up the beach. Captain Milton ordered Hans to put the ship down between the men and the town. Although, Captain Goodacre and Reboot made it to the town, the Doctor, Jacob, and Huckleberry were cut off.

Grekko and some soldiers rappelled down and blocked.

Captain Goodacre saw part of his crew in trouble. He sent Reboot to fire up The Legacy. and then went to meet with Grekko (who has ordered his men to stand down). On The Resort, Salamdin told Captain Milton of the crew’s (and the Doctor’s) crimes. Grekko asked for permission to come aboard with Goodacre, and it was granted. Captain Milton told Goodacre that his ship is wanted, and that there is a bounty on his head. Milton intends to collect.

Goodacre knew Milton and that he has a gambling problem. He proposed a bet: a race between The Legacy and The Last Resort. If Goodacre’s ship wins, Milton turns a blind eye and The Legacy continues its mission, unmolested. If The Last Resort wins, Goodacre will turn his ship over to Milton, along with everything found on the Orc ship, and Goodacre himself will come quietly.

During the conversation, Goodacre calls Hans “Court”, his cover is blown. Court is literally thrown off the ship (he is unharmed) and Jakob exhibits his strength by using one of the rappel ropes to turn the ship intimidating Captain Milton and the Doctor sneaked away during the spectacle.

Next game, the race…

Part I Epilogue

Back in Rockport, Crag Stonefin is angry. Oath-making angry. He has been betrayed by one Court Steeple.

Court did not bring Crag the medicine, but instead, turned it over to the elves. Crag orders his Huggin’ Pedestal removed until it can be re-sanctified – with the Court’s betraying blood. An old, stained, half-barrel is used in the pedestal’s place so that Crag can look upon it as a reminder of the blight on his honor…

Captain Goodacre, Reboot, and the Doctor have escaped Haven. Along with Madame Tome, they spent the next few months on the lamb; without a Statesmen, The Legacy is an armed and unregistered arrow. It’s crew is wanted as armed and dangerous enemies of the state. Worse still, the Legacy’s skytanium engine is not being regulated with sorcery. In spite of Reboot’s best efforts, the ship is slowly falling apart. The crew has landed for repairs in the small fishing town of Monger. The Captain waits to rendezvous with the Chief.

Commander Grekko, is en route. He was been convinced by Doman to lead a strike force to investigate the Orc forces encamped on the Misty Isles. Grekko has put together a strike force of 20 men and is on board a military transport, The Last Resort. Also on board are Salamdin and Court, under the alias “Hans”, who is acting as the Resort’s navigator…

Chapter 14
I'm not feeling so good...
Game Date: March 2, 2011

Reboot left to obtain a new conversion manifold.

The Captain, the Doctor, and Tome kept watch for Savitar to return, but instead saw Hannible, the Dock Master. He approached The Legacy with a clipboard and 6 soldiers.

“Captain Goodacre! We have a warrant to search your ship for illegal weaponry!”

“The only weapon I possess,” replied the Captain, “Is my sword. Why do you need to come aboard?”

“We have warrant…”

“Signed by who?”

Doman Parusha, a high-ranking official.”

The Captain grimaced as Hannibal began hammering the warrant to the side of the ship. “Men, search the ship.”

Meanwhile, the Doctor grabbed Tome and told her, “Come with me, if you ever want to get to the Misty Isles. I need your help.”

“You think our voyage to the Misty Isles is in danger!? What kind of help do you need?” And she follows the Doctor to the Captain’s quarters. In the Captain’s cabin the Doctor told her to get under the covers and to moan as if she is dying.

“Anything for the cause!” She says. “Oh, oh, ooooh.”

Outside, the soldiers came aboard and began searching. Three go to the fore, the remaining 3 go to the aft.

“This will make a fine Onyx ship, Captain” The Dock Master said.

The Doctor emerged as 3 guards advised him to step aside.

“You do not want to go in there,” he responded.

“Dock Master!”

“What now?” The Dock Master approached. “Step aside, we have a warrant.”

“You don’t want to go in there. You have heard of The Fade? It affects humans differently, I have a patient in there. If you go in there I won’t be held responsible.”

“Oh, that was you. Sir, if you are not telling us the truth you will be taken into custody as hindering an investigation. However, if you are, well… We don’t want that, do we Doctor? You men, get off the ship and don’t let it take off until we can have this checked out. Quarantine.”

As the Dock Master was leaving, the Captain told him, “You nailed that thing on my ship, I will nail it to your forehead.” He then coughed virulently in the Dock Master’s face.

The Dock Master pulled a hankerchief and covered his face. “You will pay for your insolence.”

Meanwhile Reboot acquired the conversion manifold and headed back to the ship. He saw the Dock Master leaving and the ship surrounded by guards.

The guards were not going to let Reboot on the ship until the Captain intervened saying that Reboot is a member of the crew, in the process, smearing one of the guards with phlegm.

The guards let Reboot on board and the phlegm-smeared one, Haywood, began feeling ill.

Reboot headed below while the Doctor debriefs him on what had occurred in his absence.

The Chief and Salamdin arrived at Doman’s office for their appointment. They waited for Savitar, who was not far behind.

Savitar sensed he was being followed and tried to lose Court, who he assumed was following him. But Savitar’s attempt was clumsy, and Court saw him try to duck and hide.

Court then watched Savitar continue on to Doman’s office.

Inside, Doman greeted the trio.

“Savitar. Salamdin, I have heard so much about you. And, of course, Commander Grekko.”

“Just Chief Grekko now,” Grekko corrected.

“Chief Grekko, then. We have much to talk about. Please, step into my office. So. I have been informed that The Legacy went to Portalis. And, I understand that congratulations are in order. You went there, stepped up, and helped the elves in their time of need. Kudos.”

“I an fortunate to serve with such a noble and charitable crew,” said the Chief.

“But, I understand something happened with the King?”

“I was not there,” said the Chief.

Doman then asked what happened. Salamdin said that the Doctor was with the King just before he died.

“Oh, that is vexing. Vexing. Now, Commander, I understand that…”

“It’s just Chief.” Grekko corrected, again.

“I am sorry, Chief. Chief, I understand that you have a certain loyalty to the Misty Isles.”

“A man never forgets his homeland.”

“I respect that, I do. I want to make you an offer.

“I am listening.”

“You are here, Chief,” he tilted his head toward Salamdin, “you are obviously a man of honor.”

Savitar nodded in agreement.

“It was a terrible time at the Misty Isles. People lost their families.”

“Dreadful. I lost a son,” said the Chief.

“Is that right? I want to make you an offer. Can I speak freely, Savitar? Haven is mounting an assault on the Misty Isles. We are going to take it back from those orc bastards. A man of you experience, and personal knowledge, would be invaluable in that endeavor. We could certainly use your help. Of course, whoever were to command this team formed to reclaim the Misty Isles would have to be a top-shelf individual. Beyond reproach. One who would not embarrass Haven, or make it look bad. The people of Haven hate wars. But with a decorated hero, such as yourself, I think we can do it. I think you are the man to lead the charge. Fate has brought us together. Unfortunately, I understand that people have to make hard choices during hard times. You will have to disassociate yourself from your current positon as Chief of the The Legacy. They have…issues, that we are going to have trouble overcoming.”

“I am sure I don’t know what you are talking about. An assault on the Misty Isles you say?”

“Top trained men, you would have your pick of our best soldiers.”

“I would report to you?”

“You would have to report to the Admiral. But this would be a secret operation, recon. You would report directly to me. Would that be a problem, reporting to me, if the Admiral does not need to know?”

“No. I am familiar with protacol, I would not have problem with that. Can I let you know in morning?”

“I will give you until morning, but I would prefer for reasons of my own that you stay here with us. I am not quite sure that going back to The Legacy would be…prudent.”

“What about Salamdin?”

“We would prefer that he stay here as well, particularly as a witness to a crime against the ’
Elven Monarchy.”

“Might we have access to the library? While we wait for the morning?”

“I don’t see why not. I will scare up a couple of men to see to your accomodations. Savitar, may I have word.”

A couple of guards escorted the Chief and Salamdin out. As soon as they were gone, Doman turned to Savitar.


“I tore out the conversion manifold and threw it down the outhouse of the Rusty Cog.”

“That is a common part. But, I have pushed the paperwork through. The ship has probably been searched by now. Captain Goodacre is likely incarcerated.”

“I would not underestimate him.”

“He is the Captain of a lowly trading vessel.”

“He is Lord Willam Goodacre’s brother.”

“Well, if he is half as savvy as his brother…”

“He is a very talented man. A traitor, but talented.”

“Very well, take some men and make sure he is taken into custody.”

“Also, I think I was followed, but I lost him in the market.”

“Take some men and go to see to the Captain and make sure his ship does not take off.”

Court waited outside for a while but decided to return to the ship, which he found surronded by guards. The Chief, Reboot, and the Doctor, are on deck.

Court tried to board but was blocked.

“Move along citizen, this ship has been quarantined by order of the Judge-Governor.”

“Who’s that?” asked Court.

“The Judge-Governor. Move along.”

“Did you bring my salve?” yelled the Captain.

“Yes sir.”

“He is part of our crew,” said the Captain.

“You are quarantined! Get on the ship,” said the guard.

Court turned and ran. “Savitar! He did not tell me I would be

Two of the guards gave chase, but were unable to catch Court who outran them. Court returned to the building where he last saw Savitar.

The Chief and Savitar had a quick talk in the library. The Chief asked if Salamdin would help him invade the Misty Isles. Salamdin wanted to know if they were still going to go after the Admiral. The Chief tells him the best way to do it is to get evidence from the Misty Isles and Salamdin agrees.

“How are we going to let the Captain know?” asked the Chief.

The two began looking for someone to deliver a message to the Captain. With Salamdin’s help, he composed a missive advising the Captain to meet rendezvous with them at the Misty Isles…They then began looking around the Palace to find a likely messenger.

The Chief was able to find Leiutenant John Gray, who served with him at the Misty Isles, working in the Palace.

“Commander”! Is that you? I am so glad to see you alive. I am so sorry I failed you.”

“I don’t think you failed us. We were betrayeed. And I have a favor I need you to perform.”

“Anything. Name it,” said Gray.

“There is a ship in dock named The Legacy, I need you to deliver a message to the Captain.”

“You can count on me.” He turned to leave, but then stopped. “I am glad our paths crossed again. I have something I need to tell you. That terrible day, with your son, I think he is alive, he survived.”

“Confound it!”

“If I hear anything else, I will let you know.”

Court returned to witness Savitar leaving in the company of 7 guards. Court followed him back to The Legacy.

Back on The Legacy, a dwarf arrived with the shipment of skytanium but was a dismayed that the ship has been quarantined.

“Oh $&!#,” said the dwarf and began to leave with the fuel.

“No wait!” yelled the Captain, “That is ours…” He convinced the dwarf to leave the delivery. Reboot swings the gimbal over to hoist up the load.

The Captain convinced Haywood that the Doctor has the medicine and offered to help cure Haywood’s illness in exchange for allowing the Captain to bring the skyanium on board.

Below decks, the Captain and the Doctor began plotting to use a poison to incapacitate the guards long enough for them to get the skytanium loaded and fly away. The pair returned with the “antidote” and gave it to the guards. They, in return, connected the skytanium to the hook to be hoisted aboard by Reboot.

The guards drank the poison, but instead of passing out, they became ill from its affects. They were physically weakened, but hooked up the skytanium. Reboot began hoisting it up.

The Captain saw Savitar approaching with his contingent of men. Savitar stays back, but sent a couple of guards to find out what is going on…

Coincidentally, the Captain saw “Captian Lewis Jacobs”:http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/witherscape/characters/lewis-jacobs ( see Chapter 9) walk by arm-in-arm with his sister “Lucretia":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/witherscape/characters/lucretia-sylvia-goodacre, taking an evening stroll.

Jacobs and Lucretia saw the Captain began yelling,”Ticky it is nice to see you!” As he began charging toward her. The guards grabbed him and prevented him from getting to her and they return him to the ship.

“Ticky! Ticky!”

She laughed at the Captain. Jacobs gaves the Captain a final glance as they leave the dock and the guards put the Captain back on the ship.

Savitar decided not to confront the crew and that he should advise Doman of the developments. He sent 5 to aid the 4 guards that were already surrounding the ship.

Court heard him give the orders and begans heading back to the office. This time, he is spotted by Savitar who sent guards to stop him. These guards had better conditioning and they do. Savitar ordered them to put Court on The Legacy and left to talk to Doman.

The guards disarmed Court, but he convinced them that Savitar is a traitor who is setting them up. The guards were dubious, but they take Court to see Doman…

Lt. Gray arrives with the message and delivered it to Goodacre. As the skytanium engine hums to life…

Chapter 13
Game Date: February 23, 2011

The Legacy journeyed back to Haven, in route to the Misty Isles. It had taken on an elven delegation to replace the Prince who was in Haven, but has been called back to Portalis to help rule in the wake of the King’s death. And, as Court requested of the Princess, Salamdin is also now on board The Legacy as a Misty Isles consultant.

The Captain and Court plotted a quick course to Haven and pushed the arrow for speed. Meanwhile, Court took every opportunity to denigrate the Doctor to Salamdin. The Doctor introduced himself to the elven delegation.

During the voyage, Reboot and the Chief began building a second ballista – this one in the ship’s aft castle (the Captain’s cabin). Savitar quietly noted their project, which was in direct contravention of Haven law that no merchant vessel be armed with seige weapons. In his free time, the Chief enlisted the Doctor to try to remove the blood from the letter he retrieved in the elven library.

The Doctor was able to salvage the letter which said, in pertinent part,

Dear Ambassador Salamdin:

As you are undoubtedly aware, we are currently at war with the Orcs in the Misty Isles. As the Elvish Ambassador to the Isles, I have two requests regarding the Elvish Reinforcement Command:

1. Please cease the deployment of all future Elvish reinforcement platoons.

2. Please reposition all existing Elvish reinforcements stationed in Avalon to the Northern and Western Shores.

These requested actions are of the utmost importance; I trust that you will see to their completion…

Reboot and the Chief completed the ballista and added a face from which the bolt would fire that resembled the Captain’s. They named this ballista “The Belcher.”

The Legacy made it to Haven in three days, but burnt through the all of their remaining skytanium. As soon as they landed, the Captain and Reboot went to buy more fuel for the ship.

Savitar went to see Doman. Doman asked Savitar about the medicine and that it was distributed. Savitar told Doman that he could not prevent the Captain from distributing it. Doman responds that is unfortunate: now they have no proof of “Boddington’s” treachery, and Haven has lost any leverage it could have used to curry favor with the elves.

“You are statesman aboard The Legacy. You come in possession of known contraband, and instead of bringing it here as I requested, you distributed it.”

Savitar deflects Doman’s ire by listing crew’s “crimes”:

  • Captain Goodacre is “beholden to elven money lenders”;
  • The Captain has stated that he is open to smuggling opportunities;
  • He is anti-competition;
  • He has engaged in piracy against a licensed Haven ship, The Star Darter; and,
  • The Captain has not complied with shipping regulations, he has added 2 unlicensed seige weapons to The Legacy.
  • Doctor Guffin is an elven spy, sympathetic to their cause and instrumental to the distribution of the medicine.

Doman asks if the Doctor actually killed the King, and Savitar states that he cannot contradict the report, only Salamdin was present. Doman requests that Salamdin be brought to talk with him continued,

  • The navigator, Court, is highly placed in the dwarven mafia;
  • Court and the Chief have given military and tactical aid to the elves;
  • Reboot, the engineer, helped to illegally armed the ship;
  • The Chief also helped to build the ballistas; and,
  • He is a Misty Isles separationist.

Doman told Savitar to delay the ship from lifting off, he needs time to impound the ship. He further instructs that the Savitar bring Salamdin to him. If they can publically root out a few traitors, the government can forget the whole medicine thing. Afterall, Haven can’t harbor an assassin of their allies’ king.

The Chief followed Salamdin off the ship and approached him while Salamdin sat on a park bench.

“Commander Grekko,” greeted Salamdin.

“Salamdin. Call me Chief. I want to apologize for our unfriendly meeting in the King’s Chambers. As you know, I am a Misty Isle refugee.”

“Those were terrible times.”

“I understand that they were as trying on the elves as the humans that call Haven their home. I understand from my findings that we have a mutual acquaintance. What can you tell me about Admiral Callahan?”

Salamdin flinched at the name.

“What is your relation with Callahan with regard to the Misty Isles?”

“Commander Grekko, I was charged with the well-being of the elves. He requested that I not protect the Misty Isles, by passing on orders that were, in retrospect, not prudent. I cannot prove anything, but the orcs knew where to hit us.”

“Salamdin, I am going to ask you a very important question: if my crew can protect you, would you testify to Callahan’s treachery,” the Chief produced the letter, “And, to the authenticity of this?”

“There is not a court in Haven that will convict Admiral Johnathan Callahan. Saul Binder is not going to convict their most highly decorated veteran based on the words of a disgraced elven councilman.”

“Even if he is a traitor?”

“I won’t do it. I can’t do it. I do not want to go back to the Misty Isles, and certainly not in the company of the King’s killer. I won’t authenticate that letter. I won’t do it. I have half a mind to not even go to the Misty Isles.”

“Why are you protecting him?”

“I am protecting myself.”

“How? By protecting this traitor? He is why you were demoted!”

“Let me explain something, Short-life. I have to live with the deaths of more people that you can comprehend. Lives that to you are an eternity.”

“I have to live with the grief of the death of my own son who I had to shoot in the head to keep him from being taken.”

“I received the letter and I did as he requested, I grieve for my actions. I am sorry for the loss of your son.”

“My plan is to kill Callahan. No courts, no judges, just justice.”

Salamdin regarded the Chief for a moment.

“Should Callahan fall, I will testify, but until that day happens you need to see me safely through.”


Meanwhile, the Captain and Reboot left the ship with funds borrowed from the Doctor for fuel. However, first they delivered a the elven letter of credit to Boo’lard to release the Captain from his debt. Boo’lard tells the Captain he still wants the volumes on the Misty Isles by Tome.

The pair then found a skytanium dealer and the Captain haggled with him. Unfortunately, the Captain mentioned that he was the savior of Portalis and upset the dwarven dealer who refused to reduce his price. Although, the Captain was able to have the fuel delivered that night. Before he left, the Captain offered to bring artifacts back to the dwarf to be sold, specifically dwarven books.

Savitar returned to The Legacy, and went below, declining to join the Doctor and Court who were passing time on the deck. In the engine room, Savitar removed the “conversion manifold,” (the part that acts as the magical catalyst for the skytanium reaction) pocketed it, and returned to the deck to disembark. Court noticed the unsightly bulge ruining the line in Savitar’s robes and he was curious; he offered to accompany Savitar to get a drink at The Rusty Cog. They found the Chief and Salamdin sharing a drink at the pub.

Savitar asks that Salamdin speak with him privately. When they left the table, Court told the Chief that Savitar is behaving oddly and about “the bulge”.

In private, Savitar asked Salamdin to accompany him to speak with Doman, a highly placed official, who works for the Judge-Governor and tell him about the Doctor’s actions. Salamdin agrees to go, but insists that the Chief go, as well. Savitar agrees and gives him the address. He tells Salamdin he will leave after him, but will catch up. Salamdin requests that the Chief go with him because Savitar wants him to tell Doman about the Doctor. The Chief escorts Salamdin from the pub. But before he goes, he tells Court not to let Savitar out of his sight. Court follows Savitar into the privy.

The Doctor remained reading on the ship where he discusses with Tome her four-volume treatise on the Misty Isles that she keeps in her safe. During their discussion, the Captain and Reboot returned to the ship before the skytanium was delivered. The Captain told Reboot to make preparations to infuse the skytanium, and asked the Doctor to begin making orc poison. Reboot went below deck and noticed the missing manifold; he reported immediately to Captain.

Back in the Cog’s privy, Savitar dropped the conversion manifold into the hole and left the sealed document he has been carrying since Rock Port ( see Chapter 7) in an obvious place. Court went into the outhouse aftewards and finds the document, he took it but left it sealed.

However, Court cannot find the manifold, it has traveled downstream. Court left and began to shadow Savitar…

Chapter 12
The King is dead. Long live...
Game Date: February 16, 2011

While the Captain, Court, and Savitar are below decks discussing the crates, Tome approaches the Chief to discuss Salamdin.

“Since this Salamdin fellow appeared, it got me to thinking. So, I went and check my copious notes, and forgive me, I had to go through a couple of my trunks, but, I believe that he was the elven ambassador to the Misty Isles just before the fall. It sticks out in my memory, because he and his staff left the embassy rather unexpectedly just before the orcs attacked. "

With this knowledge, the Chief decided to return to the elven palace with the Captain, Court, and Savitar and the four remaining crates.

In the clinic, Reboot finds a doctor and gives him the medicine. As soon as he seems to feel better, he begins directing Reboot in the distribution of the medicine, beginning with medical staff and working out to the general populace.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Salamdin had returned to the King’s chambers. The Doctor decided not to treat the King (because he did not care if he died), but waited for the medicine to return. Unfortunately, the King died before it arrived and his corpse dessicated before the Doctor’s eyes.

“What have you done?” said Salamdin.

“Nothing. I did not touch him. I just arrived here, the same as you.”

“You have killed the King!” accused Salamdin.

The Captain, Court, Savitar, and the Chief arrived with the medicine to find Salamdin and the Doctor arguing over the dead King and who was responsible.

The Chief quickly locked the door, nodded to Savitar, and began advancing on Salamdin.

“We now we have a crime scene and we would like to talk you, Sir,” said the Chief

“Why, this is an outrage! Guards!” yelled Salamdin.

The guards outside the chamber began banging on the door…

“Guards! I will not be held hostage. Your Doctor was treating the King and killed him!”

“You let him die?” said Court to the Doctor while looking for an exit.

The Chief stood by the door trying to decide his next move. Before he could act, the Doctor moved quickly to the door, and pulled the key from his grasp, unlocked the doors, and threw them open. “It is their city.”

“The King is dead and he was the last person with him,” said Salamdin to the guards.

The Captaint interjected, “Our medicine is curing everyone in the city. Why wouldn’t our medicine help the King?”

“He had one vial and he insisted upon giving to the Princess and the King is now dead. The King is dead because of his omission, his neglect, his hatred of the elves!” said Salamdin.

“He is the one who insisted we come here to help the elves in the first place. How come you are the one pointing your finger,” asked the Captain.

“He was treating the King, who has hung on for these past two weeks, and he died!”

“You lie! You yourself led me to the Princess,” said the Doctor.

“Because you insisted. This man is an enemy of the state. Arrest him.”

“This man is not an enemy. We have saved Portalis. We have brought this medicine here and you are the only one saying that we have not helped him,” said the Captain.

After listening to the argument, the guards were dubious and asked to see the medicine. The crew gave them the each a few vials, they left immediately to help their loved ones.

“You will not get away with this,” Salamdin told the Doctor.

“Get away with what?”

Salamdin, insisted upon telling the Princess about her father’s demise. The Chief attempted to engage him regarding his history and the Misty Isles on the way to her chambers, but Salamdin would not reciprocate and the Chief did not push the issue.

The Princess, seemed better than she did earlier. Salamdin advised her that the Doctor had neglected to help her father, helped her instead, and now her father was gone. She asked the Doctor, she appeared said, “MacArther? How long have you been here? You recieved my note? Is what Salamdin says true?”

“The King was distraught over you illness,” said Salamdin.

“I did not realize how sick he was,” said the Doctor.

The Princess told Salamdin to see to her people and demanded to be taken to the King’s chambers. There, she was left alone.

“Thank you for the medicine, Captain. If you can help disperse medicine that will be a huge help. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance, " Salamdin advised the Captain and crew before they left.

The crew spend the next few days helping the elves.

The Captain began looking for clues to what caused the plague. After his investigation, the Captain was convinced that his brother and Onyx were responsible, but he could not prove it.

Court advised the elves of the approach of the orcs, but the dense Elven Wood and the magical fog defense held them at bay until elven reinforcements could begin to arrive now that the threat of illness had passed.

The rest of the crew assisted by administering the medicine. In the end, the majority of the elves lived, but almost a quarter were lost to the Fade.

After a few days, they were summoned to appear before the Princess where she offers to grant them each a boon.

The Captain requests that his debt to Boo’Lard be paid. The Princess agrees.

Court asks that Salamdin be sent with The Legacy to help the crew in the Misty Isles. She grants his request over the Doctor’s protest.

Savitar tells the Princess that he appreciates the offer, but he is not in a position to accept. The Princess tells him that if the elves may ever be of assistance to let her know.

The Chief asks for access to the elven library to research the Misty Isles.

Reboot asks for elven armor, and he is granted a suit of elven plated leather.

The Doctor tells the Princess he does not require anything.

The Chief brought Tome with him to the library to help him research. She was honored. The Chief asked Tome to help him write a letter to Admiral Callahan regarding what they would find. The crew piggybacked on the Chief’s gift from the Princess and went to the library, too.

While the Doctor was looking for records connecting Crag Stonefin to the Misty Isles, he caught Court looking over his shoulder and eavesdropping on the Doctor’s conversations with Tome while reseaching Crag. Unbeknownst to either, Reboot watched the drama unfold.

Reboot looked for schematics and elven ballista designs. He found some notes that would aid his next project.

In the archives, the Chief finds a letter from Admiral Callahan to Salamdin dated a week before the invasion of the Misty Isles.

Dear Ambassador Salamdin: I hope this letter finds you well…

Unfortunately, it has been rendered illegible by blood, which has been used to redact certain key passages.

“Madame, let’s not send that letter, just yet,” said the Chief.

Meanwhile, Savitar remained at the Captain’s side as he looked for his next fare. The elves offered to exchange transport of a diplomat to replace the Prince in Haven (who would have to return and see to the elven state) for supplies for The Legacy. The Captain agreed; but felt uncomfortable taking water that may have been tainted — just in case, he took barrels of wine instead…

Chapter 11
Those that lie above and below the fog...
Game Date: February 9, 2011

The next morning, the Chief approached Doctor Guffin and asked him about the information he had extracted from Furtain (see Chapter 9). Although the Doctor had advised the Captain about Jameson’s involvement, he decided to keep this information from the rest of the crew. The Doctor told the Chief about Crag Stonefin’s named alleged involvement with the Usurper’s Circle. The Chief recognized Crag’s name from his and Court’s encounter with the dwarven thugs in the Rock Port Warrens (see Chapter 6). They decided to learn more about Court’s relationship with this dwarf-of-interest, when they noticed Savitar eavesdropping on their conversation. The Chief invited Savitar to join them and brought him up to speed; the trio went to talk to Court who the bridge of The Legacy’ with Captain Goodacre.

Meanwhile, Reboot worked on his gimbal to raise and lower (and conceal) the ballista into the ship’s hull.

On the bridge, the Doctor took the lead and asked Court about his using Crag’s name in the Warrens and how Court knew Crag’s name.

Court said that he knew of Stonefin from word “on the streets” and was just using Crag’s name to scare the thugs and avoid a fight. This, along with the Chief’s knife display, had scared them away. The Doctor did not buy it. Neither did Savitar, who attempted to cast a spell on Court to make him truthful, but it failed and temporarily backfired. The discussion went round and round until the Captain took notice of the conversation.

Goodacre asked what the matter was; the Doctor explained that during his interrogation of Furtain, he had mentioned Crag Stonefin’s name in connection with the Usurper’s Circle.

“I know Crag Stonefin. He is the crime lord in Rock Port. Court, are you associated with him?”
“No,” Court responded without meeting the Captain’s gaze. No one believed the lie.
“Court, I’m not buying it.”
“If you had bought it Captain, I would have told you.”
“Court…” said the Captain, his patience wearing thin.
“I smuggled for him when I worked for Onyx.”
“Wait. How old are you? When did you work of Onyx?” The Captain asked.
“What ship were you on?” asked the Doctor.
The Star Darter,” said Court.
“Court, let me be clear: I do not want you smuggling on this ship, unless it hurts Onyx. If I ever learn that you are helping them, I will personally dump you overboard.” With that, the Captain returned his attention to the horizon.

“Did the first mate mention any other names.” Court asked the Doctor.
This time it was the Doctor’s turn to shift awkwardly. “No,” he said.
The Chief believed him, but he was the only one.

“Who else?” Court pressed.
“That is none of your concern, I have already discussed it with the Captain and he understands my reasons.” The Doctor turned and left the bridge, the Chief and Savitar followed.

After, Court and the Captain were alone on the bridge, the Captain spoke again.
“Court, when we get to Rock Port I want you to arrange a meeting between Crag Stonefin and myself. Where there is confusion there is profit to be made.”
“Yes, Captain.”

The next day The Legacy neared its destination. Reboot and the Chief finished the gimbal; the Doctor was able to concoct a poison with Court’s assistance.

The crew began to to see evidence of orc-sign on a grand scale, all moving toward Portalis. They also saw a mysterious fog that seemed to spread for miles throughout the forest surrounding Portalis. The mist not only covered the forest, it was too thick to navigate visually. Savitar sensed that the fog was a magical defense and immediately notified the Captain. The Captain related that he had felt the ship drag when it contacted the fog and lose residual heat from the skytanium reaction in the engine room. Savitar, the Doctor, and the Chief surmised that the fog was a magical defense used by the elves to protect their homeland from hostile arrows that bypassed the natural defenses of the Portalyn Wood.

The crew got to work. Reboot, with the help of the crew, began mixing a viscous fluid coating for the ship to slow the depletion of the skytanium. Court began plotting their course and the Captain piloted the ship by touch. Savitar maintained the skyatnium core to regulate the fog’s draining qualities. The crew waited.

Court’s navigation was true. At The Legacy burst from a solid wall of fog to see Portalis before them. Some of Reboot’s mixture was misapplied and the arrow pulled to the right, but the Captain was able to bring her in safely. There were few elves to greet them and most appeared sick or exhausted.

“We have the medicine!” Hailed the Doctor from the deck.
“Brought to your port by the Great Captain Goodacre!” Court amended.

The highest ranking diplomat still on his feet was an elf named Salamdin. Learning who they were he asked the Doctor to accompany him immediately to see the King. Reboot insisted on taking the Doctor’s crates to the nearest clinic, but gave the Doctor one vial of medicine to take to the elven palace. Court and the Captain went with him.

At the palace, the Doctor was taken to see the King who had also fallen ill. Salamdin insisted that Mac use the medicine to heal the King, but the Doctor would not hear of it and demanded to be taken to the Princess. Salamdin eventually relented but demanded that the Captain and Court immediately return to the the ship and get more medicine. The did so.

Meanwhile, Reboot and the Chief located one of the many clinics and tried to find someone, anyone, to administer the medicine. Most of the doctors were sick or unavailable.

At the Palace, the Doctor lifted the Princess’ head and administered the vial. She did not awake, but color returned to her face, her pulse became stronger, and she seemed to rest more easily.

On The Legacy, the Captain, Court , and Savitar began discussing the disposition of the four remaining crates…

Chapter 10
The case of the missing medicine.
Game Date: January 26, 2011

The Captain and crew watched The Star Darter recede into the western horizon.

“We have our cargo, gents,” said Goodacre, “Where to?”

Savitar, Court, Doctor Mac, and Reboot all regarded each other without responding.

“Hmm. Well, when you figure it out, let me know. Come on Chief, let’s discuss Orcs and the Misty Isles.


Below deck, the Duel of Wits over the 6 cases of medicine began.

From what he had learned, Mac knew this was the medicine to cure the Princess and the elves. He wanted some of the medicine to find a cure for Princess, but he was willing to go to Rock Port to see that happen.

Reboot wanted to split the medicine equally, but thought that prudent to take some to Korin, also.

Court wanted all of the medicine for Crag in Rock Port. Barring that, he wanted to go to the Misty Isles. They would deal with the medicine later.

Savitar wanted to return all of the medicine to Doman in Haven.

It became clear that Court and Savitar would be arguing for the cases and their destination. They were the two with the widest difference between what they wanted. While they discussed their options, Court offered to give the Doctor 2 cases, in exchange calling on the Doctor’s skill set for the next 2 years, if the Doctor would support Court’s bid for all of the medicine. The Doctor agreed. Savitar cast a spell (+2D) to aid his debating, and they began arguing.

The Duel of Wits

The Duel only lasted 3 volleys. Court had the advantage an 11 in his Body of Argument, compared to Savitar’s 8.

Court fired the opening salvo. “The medicine will bring us more in Rock Port,” he argued.

“National interest mandates that we return the medicine to Haven,” said Savitar. “Besides this shipment is illicit just like that ballista on deck.” This did not go over well with Reboot.

But then Court tried to incite Savitar with falsehood by accusing him of being the one who killed the statesman on The Star Darter.

“If that is true,” said the Doctor, “You will pay.”

Savitar is not easily riled and this gambit did not pay off for Court. Savitar ignored Court’s verbal attack and Mac’s threat and said,“We need to get the medicine to Haven to benefit humanity.” Not only did Savitar win, he received a bonus to the next volley.

Court argued,“You sign our death warrants if we don’t take the medicine to Rock Port.”

Mac and Reboot had helped Court, but at the end of the third volley, both sides had exhausted each others Body of Argument and they had to compromise. They would each take 3 cases, but Court would have to give 2 of his cases to the Doctor. Furthermore, neither Savitar or Court would take their winnings to the city of their choice. Instead the shipment would travel to Portalis…


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