Chapter 12

The King is dead. Long live...

Game Date: February 16, 2011

While the Captain, Court, and Savitar are below decks discussing the crates, Tome approaches the Chief to discuss Salamdin.

“Since this Salamdin fellow appeared, it got me to thinking. So, I went and check my copious notes, and forgive me, I had to go through a couple of my trunks, but, I believe that he was the elven ambassador to the Misty Isles just before the fall. It sticks out in my memory, because he and his staff left the embassy rather unexpectedly just before the orcs attacked. "

With this knowledge, the Chief decided to return to the elven palace with the Captain, Court, and Savitar and the four remaining crates.

In the clinic, Reboot finds a doctor and gives him the medicine. As soon as he seems to feel better, he begins directing Reboot in the distribution of the medicine, beginning with medical staff and working out to the general populace.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Salamdin had returned to the King’s chambers. The Doctor decided not to treat the King (because he did not care if he died), but waited for the medicine to return. Unfortunately, the King died before it arrived and his corpse dessicated before the Doctor’s eyes.

“What have you done?” said Salamdin.

“Nothing. I did not touch him. I just arrived here, the same as you.”

“You have killed the King!” accused Salamdin.

The Captain, Court, Savitar, and the Chief arrived with the medicine to find Salamdin and the Doctor arguing over the dead King and who was responsible.

The Chief quickly locked the door, nodded to Savitar, and began advancing on Salamdin.

“We now we have a crime scene and we would like to talk you, Sir,” said the Chief

“Why, this is an outrage! Guards!” yelled Salamdin.

The guards outside the chamber began banging on the door…

“Guards! I will not be held hostage. Your Doctor was treating the King and killed him!”

“You let him die?” said Court to the Doctor while looking for an exit.

The Chief stood by the door trying to decide his next move. Before he could act, the Doctor moved quickly to the door, and pulled the key from his grasp, unlocked the doors, and threw them open. “It is their city.”

“The King is dead and he was the last person with him,” said Salamdin to the guards.

The Captaint interjected, “Our medicine is curing everyone in the city. Why wouldn’t our medicine help the King?”

“He had one vial and he insisted upon giving to the Princess and the King is now dead. The King is dead because of his omission, his neglect, his hatred of the elves!” said Salamdin.

“He is the one who insisted we come here to help the elves in the first place. How come you are the one pointing your finger,” asked the Captain.

“He was treating the King, who has hung on for these past two weeks, and he died!”

“You lie! You yourself led me to the Princess,” said the Doctor.

“Because you insisted. This man is an enemy of the state. Arrest him.”

“This man is not an enemy. We have saved Portalis. We have brought this medicine here and you are the only one saying that we have not helped him,” said the Captain.

After listening to the argument, the guards were dubious and asked to see the medicine. The crew gave them the each a few vials, they left immediately to help their loved ones.

“You will not get away with this,” Salamdin told the Doctor.

“Get away with what?”

Salamdin, insisted upon telling the Princess about her father’s demise. The Chief attempted to engage him regarding his history and the Misty Isles on the way to her chambers, but Salamdin would not reciprocate and the Chief did not push the issue.

The Princess, seemed better than she did earlier. Salamdin advised her that the Doctor had neglected to help her father, helped her instead, and now her father was gone. She asked the Doctor, she appeared said, “MacArther? How long have you been here? You recieved my note? Is what Salamdin says true?”

“The King was distraught over you illness,” said Salamdin.

“I did not realize how sick he was,” said the Doctor.

The Princess told Salamdin to see to her people and demanded to be taken to the King’s chambers. There, she was left alone.

“Thank you for the medicine, Captain. If you can help disperse medicine that will be a huge help. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance, " Salamdin advised the Captain and crew before they left.

The crew spend the next few days helping the elves.

The Captain began looking for clues to what caused the plague. After his investigation, the Captain was convinced that his brother and Onyx were responsible, but he could not prove it.

Court advised the elves of the approach of the orcs, but the dense Elven Wood and the magical fog defense held them at bay until elven reinforcements could begin to arrive now that the threat of illness had passed.

The rest of the crew assisted by administering the medicine. In the end, the majority of the elves lived, but almost a quarter were lost to the Fade.

After a few days, they were summoned to appear before the Princess where she offers to grant them each a boon.

The Captain requests that his debt to Boo’Lard be paid. The Princess agrees.

Court asks that Salamdin be sent with The Legacy to help the crew in the Misty Isles. She grants his request over the Doctor’s protest.

Savitar tells the Princess that he appreciates the offer, but he is not in a position to accept. The Princess tells him that if the elves may ever be of assistance to let her know.

The Chief asks for access to the elven library to research the Misty Isles.

Reboot asks for elven armor, and he is granted a suit of elven plated leather.

The Doctor tells the Princess he does not require anything.

The Chief brought Tome with him to the library to help him research. She was honored. The Chief asked Tome to help him write a letter to Admiral Callahan regarding what they would find. The crew piggybacked on the Chief’s gift from the Princess and went to the library, too.

While the Doctor was looking for records connecting Crag Stonefin to the Misty Isles, he caught Court looking over his shoulder and eavesdropping on the Doctor’s conversations with Tome while reseaching Crag. Unbeknownst to either, Reboot watched the drama unfold.

Reboot looked for schematics and elven ballista designs. He found some notes that would aid his next project.

In the archives, the Chief finds a letter from Admiral Callahan to Salamdin dated a week before the invasion of the Misty Isles.

Dear Ambassador Salamdin: I hope this letter finds you well…

Unfortunately, it has been rendered illegible by blood, which has been used to redact certain key passages.

“Madame, let’s not send that letter, just yet,” said the Chief.

Meanwhile, Savitar remained at the Captain’s side as he looked for his next fare. The elves offered to exchange transport of a diplomat to replace the Prince in Haven (who would have to return and see to the elven state) for supplies for The Legacy. The Captain agreed; but felt uncomfortable taking water that may have been tainted — just in case, he took barrels of wine instead…


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