Chapter 13


Game Date: February 23, 2011

The Legacy journeyed back to Haven, in route to the Misty Isles. It had taken on an elven delegation to replace the Prince who was in Haven, but has been called back to Portalis to help rule in the wake of the King’s death. And, as Court requested of the Princess, Salamdin is also now on board The Legacy as a Misty Isles consultant.

The Captain and Court plotted a quick course to Haven and pushed the arrow for speed. Meanwhile, Court took every opportunity to denigrate the Doctor to Salamdin. The Doctor introduced himself to the elven delegation.

During the voyage, Reboot and the Chief began building a second ballista – this one in the ship’s aft castle (the Captain’s cabin). Savitar quietly noted their project, which was in direct contravention of Haven law that no merchant vessel be armed with seige weapons. In his free time, the Chief enlisted the Doctor to try to remove the blood from the letter he retrieved in the elven library.

The Doctor was able to salvage the letter which said, in pertinent part,

Dear Ambassador Salamdin:

As you are undoubtedly aware, we are currently at war with the Orcs in the Misty Isles. As the Elvish Ambassador to the Isles, I have two requests regarding the Elvish Reinforcement Command:

1. Please cease the deployment of all future Elvish reinforcement platoons.

2. Please reposition all existing Elvish reinforcements stationed in Avalon to the Northern and Western Shores.

These requested actions are of the utmost importance; I trust that you will see to their completion…

Reboot and the Chief completed the ballista and added a face from which the bolt would fire that resembled the Captain’s. They named this ballista “The Belcher.”

The Legacy made it to Haven in three days, but burnt through the all of their remaining skytanium. As soon as they landed, the Captain and Reboot went to buy more fuel for the ship.

Savitar went to see Doman. Doman asked Savitar about the medicine and that it was distributed. Savitar told Doman that he could not prevent the Captain from distributing it. Doman responds that is unfortunate: now they have no proof of “Boddington’s” treachery, and Haven has lost any leverage it could have used to curry favor with the elves.

“You are statesman aboard The Legacy. You come in possession of known contraband, and instead of bringing it here as I requested, you distributed it.”

Savitar deflects Doman’s ire by listing crew’s “crimes”:

  • Captain Goodacre is “beholden to elven money lenders”;
  • The Captain has stated that he is open to smuggling opportunities;
  • He is anti-competition;
  • He has engaged in piracy against a licensed Haven ship, The Star Darter; and,
  • The Captain has not complied with shipping regulations, he has added 2 unlicensed seige weapons to The Legacy.
  • Doctor Guffin is an elven spy, sympathetic to their cause and instrumental to the distribution of the medicine.

Doman asks if the Doctor actually killed the King, and Savitar states that he cannot contradict the report, only Salamdin was present. Doman requests that Salamdin be brought to talk with him continued,

  • The navigator, Court, is highly placed in the dwarven mafia;
  • Court and the Chief have given military and tactical aid to the elves;
  • Reboot, the engineer, helped to illegally armed the ship;
  • The Chief also helped to build the ballistas; and,
  • He is a Misty Isles separationist.

Doman told Savitar to delay the ship from lifting off, he needs time to impound the ship. He further instructs that the Savitar bring Salamdin to him. If they can publically root out a few traitors, the government can forget the whole medicine thing. Afterall, Haven can’t harbor an assassin of their allies’ king.

The Chief followed Salamdin off the ship and approached him while Salamdin sat on a park bench.

“Commander Grekko,” greeted Salamdin.

“Salamdin. Call me Chief. I want to apologize for our unfriendly meeting in the King’s Chambers. As you know, I am a Misty Isle refugee.”

“Those were terrible times.”

“I understand that they were as trying on the elves as the humans that call Haven their home. I understand from my findings that we have a mutual acquaintance. What can you tell me about Admiral Callahan?”

Salamdin flinched at the name.

“What is your relation with Callahan with regard to the Misty Isles?”

“Commander Grekko, I was charged with the well-being of the elves. He requested that I not protect the Misty Isles, by passing on orders that were, in retrospect, not prudent. I cannot prove anything, but the orcs knew where to hit us.”

“Salamdin, I am going to ask you a very important question: if my crew can protect you, would you testify to Callahan’s treachery,” the Chief produced the letter, “And, to the authenticity of this?”

“There is not a court in Haven that will convict Admiral Johnathan Callahan. Saul Binder is not going to convict their most highly decorated veteran based on the words of a disgraced elven councilman.”

“Even if he is a traitor?”

“I won’t do it. I can’t do it. I do not want to go back to the Misty Isles, and certainly not in the company of the King’s killer. I won’t authenticate that letter. I won’t do it. I have half a mind to not even go to the Misty Isles.”

“Why are you protecting him?”

“I am protecting myself.”

“How? By protecting this traitor? He is why you were demoted!”

“Let me explain something, Short-life. I have to live with the deaths of more people that you can comprehend. Lives that to you are an eternity.”

“I have to live with the grief of the death of my own son who I had to shoot in the head to keep him from being taken.”

“I received the letter and I did as he requested, I grieve for my actions. I am sorry for the loss of your son.”

“My plan is to kill Callahan. No courts, no judges, just justice.”

Salamdin regarded the Chief for a moment.

“Should Callahan fall, I will testify, but until that day happens you need to see me safely through.”


Meanwhile, the Captain and Reboot left the ship with funds borrowed from the Doctor for fuel. However, first they delivered a the elven letter of credit to Boo’lard to release the Captain from his debt. Boo’lard tells the Captain he still wants the volumes on the Misty Isles by Tome.

The pair then found a skytanium dealer and the Captain haggled with him. Unfortunately, the Captain mentioned that he was the savior of Portalis and upset the dwarven dealer who refused to reduce his price. Although, the Captain was able to have the fuel delivered that night. Before he left, the Captain offered to bring artifacts back to the dwarf to be sold, specifically dwarven books.

Savitar returned to The Legacy, and went below, declining to join the Doctor and Court who were passing time on the deck. In the engine room, Savitar removed the “conversion manifold,” (the part that acts as the magical catalyst for the skytanium reaction) pocketed it, and returned to the deck to disembark. Court noticed the unsightly bulge ruining the line in Savitar’s robes and he was curious; he offered to accompany Savitar to get a drink at The Rusty Cog. They found the Chief and Salamdin sharing a drink at the pub.

Savitar asks that Salamdin speak with him privately. When they left the table, Court told the Chief that Savitar is behaving oddly and about “the bulge”.

In private, Savitar asked Salamdin to accompany him to speak with Doman, a highly placed official, who works for the Judge-Governor and tell him about the Doctor’s actions. Salamdin agrees to go, but insists that the Chief go, as well. Savitar agrees and gives him the address. He tells Salamdin he will leave after him, but will catch up. Salamdin requests that the Chief go with him because Savitar wants him to tell Doman about the Doctor. The Chief escorts Salamdin from the pub. But before he goes, he tells Court not to let Savitar out of his sight. Court follows Savitar into the privy.

The Doctor remained reading on the ship where he discusses with Tome her four-volume treatise on the Misty Isles that she keeps in her safe. During their discussion, the Captain and Reboot returned to the ship before the skytanium was delivered. The Captain told Reboot to make preparations to infuse the skytanium, and asked the Doctor to begin making orc poison. Reboot went below deck and noticed the missing manifold; he reported immediately to Captain.

Back in the Cog’s privy, Savitar dropped the conversion manifold into the hole and left the sealed document he has been carrying since Rock Port ( see Chapter 7) in an obvious place. Court went into the outhouse aftewards and finds the document, he took it but left it sealed.

However, Court cannot find the manifold, it has traveled downstream. Court left and began to shadow Savitar…


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