Chapter 14

I'm not feeling so good...

Game Date: March 2, 2011

Reboot left to obtain a new conversion manifold.

The Captain, the Doctor, and Tome kept watch for Savitar to return, but instead saw Hannible, the Dock Master. He approached The Legacy with a clipboard and 6 soldiers.

“Captain Goodacre! We have a warrant to search your ship for illegal weaponry!”

“The only weapon I possess,” replied the Captain, “Is my sword. Why do you need to come aboard?”

“We have warrant…”

“Signed by who?”

Doman Parusha, a high-ranking official.”

The Captain grimaced as Hannibal began hammering the warrant to the side of the ship. “Men, search the ship.”

Meanwhile, the Doctor grabbed Tome and told her, “Come with me, if you ever want to get to the Misty Isles. I need your help.”

“You think our voyage to the Misty Isles is in danger!? What kind of help do you need?” And she follows the Doctor to the Captain’s quarters. In the Captain’s cabin the Doctor told her to get under the covers and to moan as if she is dying.

“Anything for the cause!” She says. “Oh, oh, ooooh.”

Outside, the soldiers came aboard and began searching. Three go to the fore, the remaining 3 go to the aft.

“This will make a fine Onyx ship, Captain” The Dock Master said.

The Doctor emerged as 3 guards advised him to step aside.

“You do not want to go in there,” he responded.

“Dock Master!”

“What now?” The Dock Master approached. “Step aside, we have a warrant.”

“You don’t want to go in there. You have heard of The Fade? It affects humans differently, I have a patient in there. If you go in there I won’t be held responsible.”

“Oh, that was you. Sir, if you are not telling us the truth you will be taken into custody as hindering an investigation. However, if you are, well… We don’t want that, do we Doctor? You men, get off the ship and don’t let it take off until we can have this checked out. Quarantine.”

As the Dock Master was leaving, the Captain told him, “You nailed that thing on my ship, I will nail it to your forehead.” He then coughed virulently in the Dock Master’s face.

The Dock Master pulled a hankerchief and covered his face. “You will pay for your insolence.”

Meanwhile Reboot acquired the conversion manifold and headed back to the ship. He saw the Dock Master leaving and the ship surrounded by guards.

The guards were not going to let Reboot on the ship until the Captain intervened saying that Reboot is a member of the crew, in the process, smearing one of the guards with phlegm.

The guards let Reboot on board and the phlegm-smeared one, Haywood, began feeling ill.

Reboot headed below while the Doctor debriefs him on what had occurred in his absence.

The Chief and Salamdin arrived at Doman’s office for their appointment. They waited for Savitar, who was not far behind.

Savitar sensed he was being followed and tried to lose Court, who he assumed was following him. But Savitar’s attempt was clumsy, and Court saw him try to duck and hide.

Court then watched Savitar continue on to Doman’s office.

Inside, Doman greeted the trio.

“Savitar. Salamdin, I have heard so much about you. And, of course, Commander Grekko.”

“Just Chief Grekko now,” Grekko corrected.

“Chief Grekko, then. We have much to talk about. Please, step into my office. So. I have been informed that The Legacy went to Portalis. And, I understand that congratulations are in order. You went there, stepped up, and helped the elves in their time of need. Kudos.”

“I an fortunate to serve with such a noble and charitable crew,” said the Chief.

“But, I understand something happened with the King?”

“I was not there,” said the Chief.

Doman then asked what happened. Salamdin said that the Doctor was with the King just before he died.

“Oh, that is vexing. Vexing. Now, Commander, I understand that…”

“It’s just Chief.” Grekko corrected, again.

“I am sorry, Chief. Chief, I understand that you have a certain loyalty to the Misty Isles.”

“A man never forgets his homeland.”

“I respect that, I do. I want to make you an offer.

“I am listening.”

“You are here, Chief,” he tilted his head toward Salamdin, “you are obviously a man of honor.”

Savitar nodded in agreement.

“It was a terrible time at the Misty Isles. People lost their families.”

“Dreadful. I lost a son,” said the Chief.

“Is that right? I want to make you an offer. Can I speak freely, Savitar? Haven is mounting an assault on the Misty Isles. We are going to take it back from those orc bastards. A man of you experience, and personal knowledge, would be invaluable in that endeavor. We could certainly use your help. Of course, whoever were to command this team formed to reclaim the Misty Isles would have to be a top-shelf individual. Beyond reproach. One who would not embarrass Haven, or make it look bad. The people of Haven hate wars. But with a decorated hero, such as yourself, I think we can do it. I think you are the man to lead the charge. Fate has brought us together. Unfortunately, I understand that people have to make hard choices during hard times. You will have to disassociate yourself from your current positon as Chief of the The Legacy. They have…issues, that we are going to have trouble overcoming.”

“I am sure I don’t know what you are talking about. An assault on the Misty Isles you say?”

“Top trained men, you would have your pick of our best soldiers.”

“I would report to you?”

“You would have to report to the Admiral. But this would be a secret operation, recon. You would report directly to me. Would that be a problem, reporting to me, if the Admiral does not need to know?”

“No. I am familiar with protacol, I would not have problem with that. Can I let you know in morning?”

“I will give you until morning, but I would prefer for reasons of my own that you stay here with us. I am not quite sure that going back to The Legacy would be…prudent.”

“What about Salamdin?”

“We would prefer that he stay here as well, particularly as a witness to a crime against the ’
Elven Monarchy.”

“Might we have access to the library? While we wait for the morning?”

“I don’t see why not. I will scare up a couple of men to see to your accomodations. Savitar, may I have word.”

A couple of guards escorted the Chief and Salamdin out. As soon as they were gone, Doman turned to Savitar.


“I tore out the conversion manifold and threw it down the outhouse of the Rusty Cog.”

“That is a common part. But, I have pushed the paperwork through. The ship has probably been searched by now. Captain Goodacre is likely incarcerated.”

“I would not underestimate him.”

“He is the Captain of a lowly trading vessel.”

“He is Lord Willam Goodacre’s brother.”

“Well, if he is half as savvy as his brother…”

“He is a very talented man. A traitor, but talented.”

“Very well, take some men and make sure he is taken into custody.”

“Also, I think I was followed, but I lost him in the market.”

“Take some men and go to see to the Captain and make sure his ship does not take off.”

Court waited outside for a while but decided to return to the ship, which he found surronded by guards. The Chief, Reboot, and the Doctor, are on deck.

Court tried to board but was blocked.

“Move along citizen, this ship has been quarantined by order of the Judge-Governor.”

“Who’s that?” asked Court.

“The Judge-Governor. Move along.”

“Did you bring my salve?” yelled the Captain.

“Yes sir.”

“He is part of our crew,” said the Captain.

“You are quarantined! Get on the ship,” said the guard.

Court turned and ran. “Savitar! He did not tell me I would be

Two of the guards gave chase, but were unable to catch Court who outran them. Court returned to the building where he last saw Savitar.

The Chief and Savitar had a quick talk in the library. The Chief asked if Salamdin would help him invade the Misty Isles. Salamdin wanted to know if they were still going to go after the Admiral. The Chief tells him the best way to do it is to get evidence from the Misty Isles and Salamdin agrees.

“How are we going to let the Captain know?” asked the Chief.

The two began looking for someone to deliver a message to the Captain. With Salamdin’s help, he composed a missive advising the Captain to meet rendezvous with them at the Misty Isles…They then began looking around the Palace to find a likely messenger.

The Chief was able to find Leiutenant John Gray, who served with him at the Misty Isles, working in the Palace.

“Commander”! Is that you? I am so glad to see you alive. I am so sorry I failed you.”

“I don’t think you failed us. We were betrayeed. And I have a favor I need you to perform.”

“Anything. Name it,” said Gray.

“There is a ship in dock named The Legacy, I need you to deliver a message to the Captain.”

“You can count on me.” He turned to leave, but then stopped. “I am glad our paths crossed again. I have something I need to tell you. That terrible day, with your son, I think he is alive, he survived.”

“Confound it!”

“If I hear anything else, I will let you know.”

Court returned to witness Savitar leaving in the company of 7 guards. Court followed him back to The Legacy.

Back on The Legacy, a dwarf arrived with the shipment of skytanium but was a dismayed that the ship has been quarantined.

“Oh $&!#,” said the dwarf and began to leave with the fuel.

“No wait!” yelled the Captain, “That is ours…” He convinced the dwarf to leave the delivery. Reboot swings the gimbal over to hoist up the load.

The Captain convinced Haywood that the Doctor has the medicine and offered to help cure Haywood’s illness in exchange for allowing the Captain to bring the skyanium on board.

Below decks, the Captain and the Doctor began plotting to use a poison to incapacitate the guards long enough for them to get the skytanium loaded and fly away. The pair returned with the “antidote” and gave it to the guards. They, in return, connected the skytanium to the hook to be hoisted aboard by Reboot.

The guards drank the poison, but instead of passing out, they became ill from its affects. They were physically weakened, but hooked up the skytanium. Reboot began hoisting it up.

The Captain saw Savitar approaching with his contingent of men. Savitar stays back, but sent a couple of guards to find out what is going on…

Coincidentally, the Captain saw “Captian Lewis Jacobs”:http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/witherscape/characters/lewis-jacobs ( see Chapter 9) walk by arm-in-arm with his sister “Lucretia":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/witherscape/characters/lucretia-sylvia-goodacre, taking an evening stroll.

Jacobs and Lucretia saw the Captain began yelling,”Ticky it is nice to see you!” As he began charging toward her. The guards grabbed him and prevented him from getting to her and they return him to the ship.

“Ticky! Ticky!”

She laughed at the Captain. Jacobs gaves the Captain a final glance as they leave the dock and the guards put the Captain back on the ship.

Savitar decided not to confront the crew and that he should advise Doman of the developments. He sent 5 to aid the 4 guards that were already surrounding the ship.

Court heard him give the orders and begans heading back to the office. This time, he is spotted by Savitar who sent guards to stop him. These guards had better conditioning and they do. Savitar ordered them to put Court on The Legacy and left to talk to Doman.

The guards disarmed Court, but he convinced them that Savitar is a traitor who is setting them up. The guards were dubious, but they take Court to see Doman…

Lt. Gray arrives with the message and delivered it to Goodacre. As the skytanium engine hums to life…


We will be on hiatus from this game for a while as we begin a new Burning Empires campaign. We will return to the Witherscape to find out what happens to our Crew in the Misty Isles. But, for now, I will be relinquishing my kung-fu grip on this arrow’s helm while Todd takes a turn at the conn.

As soon as we have a grasp for the characters and theme of that game, we will begin posting again with a link to the summaries here…Stay tuned, and thanks for following The Legacy. Jeff

Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14
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