Chapter 15

Wanna bet?

Game Date: February 15, 2012. Podcast of Game.

The game opened with Jakob standing in the carnage of the battle between his crew and the Orcs. His former ship and crew mates were strewn about him along with the wreck of his former ship, and the Orcs that had ambushed them. The Orc ship, ablaze nearby, had a large hole in its side and was settling slowly in the tide. From its bowels, Jakob heard the sound of whimpering coming from the hole. He went to investigate.

As Jakob neared the breach, a wounded Orc lunged from the gaping hole into the sunlight and attacked him. Blinded, the beast scored a glancing blow. Jakob knocked him unconscious and quickly dispatched him.

Inside, Jakob found a Great Wolf cub. Jakob calmed the wolf with some of the nearby “fresh meat” and then went to work freeing the cub from his chains.

Meanwhile, in Monger, the Captain, Reboot, and the Doctor learned from one of the local urchins that an arrow had been attacked up the coast. The trio went to investigate.

A few miles out, Commander Grekko met with Milton, the Captain of the transport The Last Resort. The Captain advised Grekko that Salamdin would like remain aboard the ship. Grekko agreed.

The three from The Legacy found that the skirmish was over. Reboot scavenged some parts from the wreckage on the beach. During the salvage, Captain Goodacre heard noises coming from the hull of the Orc ship as Jakob ripped the wolf’s chain free. Goodacre and the others approached warily and were surprised when Jakob emerged with the wolf. The large man introduced himself and the wolf, “Huckleberry”. They all agreed that the pair would make a fine addition to the crew.

Back on The Last Resort, the look out advised the Captain that he spotted a grounded arrow in the village of Monger. The Captain had “Hans” to swing the arrow around for a better look.

In the distance, Goodacre and the rest saw the large transport circling the village and double-time it back to their ship. They were spotted running up the beach. Captain Milton ordered Hans to put the ship down between the men and the town. Although, Captain Goodacre and Reboot made it to the town, the Doctor, Jacob, and Huckleberry were cut off.

Grekko and some soldiers rappelled down and blocked.

Captain Goodacre saw part of his crew in trouble. He sent Reboot to fire up The Legacy. and then went to meet with Grekko (who has ordered his men to stand down). On The Resort, Salamdin told Captain Milton of the crew’s (and the Doctor’s) crimes. Grekko asked for permission to come aboard with Goodacre, and it was granted. Captain Milton told Goodacre that his ship is wanted, and that there is a bounty on his head. Milton intends to collect.

Goodacre knew Milton and that he has a gambling problem. He proposed a bet: a race between The Legacy and The Last Resort. If Goodacre’s ship wins, Milton turns a blind eye and The Legacy continues its mission, unmolested. If The Last Resort wins, Goodacre will turn his ship over to Milton, along with everything found on the Orc ship, and Goodacre himself will come quietly.

During the conversation, Goodacre calls Hans “Court”, his cover is blown. Court is literally thrown off the ship (he is unharmed) and Jakob exhibits his strength by using one of the rappel ropes to turn the ship intimidating Captain Milton and the Doctor sneaked away during the spectacle.

Next game, the race…


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