Chapter 16

Go baby, go!

Game Date: February 22, 2012. Podcast of Game.

Captain Goodacre knew he was in a pickle without a sorcerer to monitor his ship during the race. Jakob told him that the sorcerer on his previous ship, The Devil’s Bodkin, had disappeared during the skirmish with the Orcs. Court thought the most likely hiding place was a nearby pirate cove. The crew went to look for the sorcerer.

They found the sorcerer, David Stutler, huddled by a fire talking to himself. Stutler was obviously mad. Against Reboot’s wishes, the Captain asked Stutler to come and be his new ship’s sorcerer — an offer he readily accepted.

Back on the ship, Stutler began making several questionable modifications to The Legacy. After much negotiation, the Captain convinced him to work with Reboot.

With the help of Reboot’s engineering, Court’s navigation, Stutler’s sorcery, and the rest of the crew’s help, The Legacy bested The Last Resort. Captain Milton appeared to live up to his word and agreed to leave and not to reveal Captain Goodacre’s location to Haven. For added measure, Milton had Salamdin thrown from his ship because he was going to “betray Goodacre.”

Salamdin was taken aboard The Legacy and, after being punched in the face by Chief, he was take below for “treatment” by the Doctor…


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