Chapter 18

It's better to burn out than to fade away.

Game Date: March 14, 2012. Podcast of Game.

Tome advises the Captain and the Chief of Salamdin’s demise. The Captain tells her to get the Doctor and meet Grekko at his quarters.

Chief Grekko gets the bowl containing remnants of the poisoned gruel. The Doctor arrives and gives Salamdin’s corpse the once over. The Doctor lies and tells Grekko that the Elf had an allergic reaction. Grekko believes that the Doctor is telling the truth but also that foul play is afoot.

Meanwhile, Court has plotted a course for the Misty Isles. The Captain has told Stutler to help Reboot get the The Legacy going and not to hurt the ship. Stutler “agrees”. Stutler gets to work on a few “harmless” modifications. As he is about to throw the switch, the Captain and Reboot catch him and Reboot tussles with the sorcerer to prevent him from starting the engine. Stutler bests Reboot and sends him into some cables where he watches helplessly as Stutler throws the switch.

The heat and light from the engine suffuses the ship’s Elf Wood hull at an alarming rate. The Legacy leaps forward—she speeds toward the Misty Isles like a comet. Stutler runs to the bow and spreads his arms to the rushing wind. The arrow is getting hot fast. Smoke fills the engine room, loose papers catch fire, smoke billows.

Reboot and the Chief meet the rest of the Crew on deck and see the Misty Isles approaching quickly. In the distance, 4 Orc arrows lumber into the air and turn to intercept The Legacy.
The Captain cries for battle stations! The Legacy is outnumbered, but it has two unlicensed ballistas, unmatched speed, and a competent captain and crew.

The Legacy destroys the other enemy ships and they fall into the ocean.

Nevertheless, Stutler’s enhancements have taxed the arrow’s engine and fuel reserves. It streaks over Ansalon and the invading Orc host below, coming to rest in the forest miles beyond. Jakob makes sure the ship settles safely and assists the Haven force establish a perimeter until the arrow is fixed.

The crew knows that they have mere hours before the Orcs arrive and attack them, they have to get The Legacy airborne quickly.

The Chief wants Reboot to examine the poisoned bowl, but the Captain overrules him and orders Reboot to work on the engine. Reluctantly, he does so. Reboot works quickly and (with the help of a more lucid Stutler) he gets the arrow into the sky as night falls.

The Legacy is flying, but just barely. The Captain and Court plot a course back to the City. Th arrow cruises slowly and quietly over the forest. Below, the crew can hear a large Orc force travelling the opposite direction beneath the ship.

Reboot decides to bring the fight to the Orcs. Without much resistance from the Captain, he fires a flaming bolt into the force below. He kills several Orcs but alerts the rest to the ship’s presence overhead.

The Orcs raise a battle cry and the race is on to Ansalon…


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