Chapter 19

Tomes...err, I mean bowls away!

Game Date: March 21, 2012. Podcast of Game.

The Captain ordered the Doctor to create an airborn poison he could launch at the Orcs. Goodacre began preparations to attack the Orcs and Madame Tome objected. She argued to the Captain that it would be better to get to Ansalon as fast as possible, instead of attacking the Orcs below. The Chief ordered his men to remove Tome from the deck, but she was large and stubborn: they were unsuccessful in their efforts to dislodge her from the deck.

The two exchanged harshe words, each calling the other an Orc. Enraged, the Captain snatched her up and was about to throw her overboard with Reboot’s help. Before he could toss her off the ship, the Doctor jumped on the Captain’s back and gave Tome enough time to escape the long drop. She made one last unsuccessful plea and retired to her quarters. The Captain pulled his sword and told the Doctor if he ever touched the Captain again, the Doctor would be tending to himself. He then ordered him to make the poison.

Meanwhile, Stutler was below attempted to recreate his notes, (they were lost in the conflagration of The Legacy’s previous “hard burn”). He would not be distracted by Court, who asked him for a map to where his notes were located in Ansalon. Unsuccessful, Court decided he would steal the bowl from the engine room to prevent Reboot and Chief Grekko from examining its contents further.

Bowl hidden under coat, Court ran into the returning Doctor in the hall. The Doctor saw the bowl, but did not let on. The Doctor told Court what had transpired above, and watched Court go into his quarters. The Doctor went into his quarters and began making the airborn poison.

Alone, Court threw the bowl out of the porthole in his quarters. Above, the Captain, the Chief, and Jakob, saw the object fly out of the window. The Captain and Chief thought it came from Tome’s quarters and jumped to the conclusion that Tome was sending messages to the Orcs below. Only Jakob saw the bowl for what it was: a bowl coming from Court’s room. Jakob argued with them. They went to Court’s quarters to question him. Reboot heard the commotion and joined them, after reviewing Stutler’s notes and adding a “theta” to the equation. Court was not in, but Jakob found oatmeal residue on the sill of the porthole.

The Captain ordered the Chief to send men to get Court. He and the Doctor went to see the Captain, who questioned him. The Doctor lied and covered for the navigator, saying that Jakob was wrong and that Court had been with him the whole time. Alibi!

The Captain and Chief believed the Doctor, he but wanted to check on the bowl, nonetheless. They all headed to retrieve it from the engine room…

They were just about to enter the engine room when The Legacy began losing altitude and dipped into the trees. Everyone got to work: Jakob on deck, the Captain and Court at the helm, Reboot using engineering and assisted by Stutler’s (theta amended) notes. The ship rose again and made one last skytanium-burning leap to Ansalon.

In the excitement, the Doctor confused the airborn poison for the Orcs with the poison he used to kill Salamdin. The latter is launched (without affect) at the Orc forces in the forest below. He now has a debilitative poison that will affect anyone in a large vicinity when it it opened…

The arrow limps into Ansalon. On fumes…


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