Chapter 2

A day late and a dollar short.

Game Date: November 24, 2010

The Legacy broke through the Shroud and turned Southwest, toward Portalis. About a day out, in the evening, Captain Goodacre spotted an Orc war party. Wanting to get more intelligence on his hated foes, he steered the ship into a wide arc to do reconnaissance. Unfortunately, he did not net a much new information, and delayed the trip by a day. The Legacy continued to Portalis.

During the trip, the Doctor checked in on his patients, the cows, and found them to be healthy. Reboot began drafting his plans for his “gimballista,” a ballista that could be raised, lowered, and concealed in The Legacy’s bow. The journey was otherwise unremarkable.

Landing in Portalis, the Captain and crew noticed that the elves seemed to be low in numbers and, of the ones present, a few seemed to be ill. Furthermore, Viggo was not happy with the delay, not happy at all. He expressed his displeasure to the Captain for making him a day late. He demanded help from the Captain to make sure the feast went well, but he Captain refused without more money. Viggo left in a huff. The Captain was nonplussed.

The Doctor went immediately to get an audience with Princess Shay-mera. He was met by her father, King Neansidhe, who took him to the Princess’ chambers. The Princess had called Mac to help her people, but the day previous, she also fell ill with the same plague that has infected her subjects. The King would not let the Doctor get near the Princess to properly diagnose her. But, he implored the Doctor to investigate and find a cure that will save his daughter and his people.

Meanwhile, Reboot went to find some supplies to begin building his gimballista. He approached the Ship Builders’ Union, Local 501, to help him start to put his supplies together. They had the exotic materials. Unfortunately, Reboot came up short of coin and had to go to the Captain for a loan. The Captain returned with him to the Local, and agreed, albeit reluctantly, to help Reboot if he could haggle the price down. Reboot was unsuccessful and left empty-handed. The Captain reminded Reboot that his plan could cost the Captain his ship if Savitar found out about it.

Later, the Captain and Savitar went to find a fare to Rock Port. They found one, but it was already contracted to the the Onyx Transportation Partners, aka, “Onyx”, the company owned by the Captain’s brother, Willam. The Captain realized that his brother would be less inclined to send ships to infected ports. With this knowledge, he approached the dock master to convince him to transfer the Onyx contract to the Legacy, instead. Savitar was uncomfortable with being party to interfering with a contract, and argued against it. In the end, however, the Captain was able to convince the dock master with a few words (and several coins) to give them the contract.

Now, they just have to get the crew together, load up, and head to Rock Port…Unbeknown to the Captain and Savitar, Mac was not planning to leave anytime soon, he was on his way to talk to the Elven physicians…


We were down a couple of players this session: Joe was out of town for the holiday, and Jason was ill. But, Neal was in town and present for the game to observe. We were glad to have him at the table!

Also, I need a name for The Captain’s Brother and his Company. The writing is feeling awkward. :)

Chapter 2

I talked to Bill today and we discussed Reboot’s transaction and how the haggling had seemed to frustrate Doug’s story when Reboot attempted to by some elven wood for his ballista.

One of the things I like about Burning Wheel is that the game follows the theory that the GM should always say, “yes” if there is nothing at stake. However, on a failed result, instead of saying say, “no, you failed your intent”, a GM should instead say , “yes, you succeed, but…” That is, an important failed transaction should always be a step to furthering the story, not stifling it. Anyway, I promise to work to say “yes, but” instead of “no” in the future.

The Let it Ride rule prevents Reboot from simply haggling again, but, I would encourage Reboot to return to the Local (with Court?) to let him take a run at getting the wood…

Chapter 2

Huh, huh…I said, “getting the wood…”

Chapter 2

I am excited that you are working to say “yes,but.” That reminds me of GenCon when you said “just put it in the rear.”

BTW – Brother’s name is Willam. Not “William”
The company is The Onyx Transportation Partners. Simply referred to as “Onyx”

Chapter 2
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