Chapter 3

The Doctor makes a house call while Court is in session.

Game Date: December 1, 2010

The game began with Doctor Guffin seeking out an Elvish Doctor to learn about the plague. Back at the Dock, Reboot returned to find the Captain and Savitar supervising the loading of the ship. Court was also present, on the deck of the Legacy.

Meanwhile, Reboot began explaining to the Captain that he was giving up on his gimballista idea, however he had new plans for completely collapsible pulley system for loading and unloading the ship (wink, wink). He asked the Captain to take a second run at getting the elvish lumber from Local 501. The Captain agreed while Savitar looked on nearby. Above, Court saw Viggo with luggage, going to one of the Onyx ships. Hearing opportunity knocking, Court disembarked and intercepted the chubby elf.

First, Court attempted to put Viggo “in his pocket” by threatening to tell the Onyx ship’s crew Viggo had contracted the plague. Viggo did not bite and was not intimidated; he moved past Court. Court then made good on his promise and told the crew members at the gang plank that Viggo was in fact sick. The Onyx crew bought the lie and would not let Viggo on board. Viggo was devastated. As he watched helplessly, the ship lifted off without him.

Court had him! Court renewed his offer to get a favor from Viggo, this time, in exchange for passage on the Legacy. Viggo, weeping, agreed; however, he demanded that there be no charge because Court’s lie had already cost him one fare. In the end, Court won the argument: Viggo owed him a favor and has to pay for passage. Then the Captain, always the profiteer, demanded port fees in addition to the reasonable fee for transport. Another argument ensued, but this time Viggo prevailed and received a manservant for the duration of the trip, in the bargain.

The Captain assigned Court to the lowly position as Viggo’s butler.

Across town, the Doctor found a makeshift hospital and he spoke with an Elven doctor. He learned that the disease was known as Feahestlirva, literally, “spirit withering sickness”, or, simply, the Fade. It is caused by the consumption of tainted meat (elves are generally vegetarians) and leads to the ultimate demise of the afflicted elf. The individual prognosis depends on each elf’s will to live.

The remedy was rumored to be found in the dwarven lands on a mountain. The Doctor did not know where but knows it is a rough yellow moss. The elves cannot send people because too many in Portalis are sick or quarantined. Those outside the city are afraid to enter. The Elven Doctor tells Doctor Guffin that he needs to talk to Korin Redshield. Mac vows to get the moss and bring it back.

Mac returned to the dock to find the Captain, Reboot, Savitar, and Court heading back to the Local 501 to renegotiate for the elven lumber.

As the Captain was taking Court away, he was reminded of his promise to Viggo. The Captain instead assigned the Chief the odious task of to tending to Viggo’s whims…

At Local 501, Court haggled with the shipwright with help from the Captain and rest of the crew: the Captain asked for help; Reboot pointed out the wood was “too good to use as coffins”; the Doctor spoke the ugly truth about the elves’ dire situation and that no other ships were coming anytime soon; and, finally, Savitar; cast a spell help Court’s glib tongue. In the end, Court obtained the lumber practically for cost.

The Captain paid the shipwright. Later, the supplies were delivered and the Legacy lifted off, heading to Rock Port.

Two days out, early in the morning, the Captain roused the entire crew. He insisted that there was an odd smell on the ship. The Captain demanded that the ship land, immediately, IN THE WASTE, so he could go over it with a fine tooth comb and find out what was causing the smell.

Fearing for the safety of the ship, Reboot objected to the Captain’s bizarre request, and the Duel of Wits began…


I made simple editing changes, nothing significant.

Chapter 3

Great game last night. I like the fact that Joe’s character was incorporated even though he could not be with us… :D

Chapter 3

Do you SMEEEELLLL what the Todd’s cookin? :D

Chapter 3

You know, I am beginning to think your Captain is not..quite…stable…
Whatever you do, don’t take the strawberries!

Chapter 3

Todd cannot play the next game because of work. Instead, of continuing the new story-line, which really depends on the Captain, I struck the last 2 paragraphs and we will continue the game from just before the strike.

When Todd can play again, we may or may not explore the land-the-smelly-ship-in-the-wastes story…In the meantime, I have asked him to kindly return his Artha award for invoking his trait “paranoid about the ship”… :(

Chapter 3

SO.. are we on the road or AT Rockport?

Chapter 3

The last unstruck line says, “The Captain paid the shipwright. Later, the supplies were delivered and the Legacy lifted off, heading to Rock Port.”

You are “heading for Rock Port.” :) But, if the group prefers, we might skip ahead…

Chapter 3
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