Chapter 4

Don't bring a knife to a slap fight.

Game Date: December 8, 2010

The Legacy landed in Rock Port and its passengers disembarked. The crew refused to discuss the “Incident in the Wastes”.

The Doctor had approached Court and asked him he wanted to make some profit by helping find out where the moss was located to make the medicine for The Fade. Court said he would look into it. Court went to discuss matters with Crag Stonefin. The Captain stayed behind to go over his ship once more and make sure it was okay. Viggo left the dock and disappeared without further discussion.

Mac, Reboot, and the Chief began looking for the dwarf named Korin Redshield, who, according to the elven doctor, was supposed to know the location of the moss which was the cure for the Fade. They were unaware that Savitar was already en route to deliver the contents of his satchel to the very same dwarf, Diplomat Korin Redshield.

Court was literally greeted by Crag, his friend and mentor, with open arms. The old loan shark used his famous “huggin’ pedastal” that he reserves for his favored operatives. Court sat with Crag and advised him of his new “contact”, Viggo. Court also told Crag about his quest to find the medicine for the elves. Crag seemed very interested in that and insisted that if Court find the medicine, that he bring it or, any moss to make it, directly to Crag. With either, they could make a killing. Court said he would. Crag then excused Court with instructions to Threadbare, the bartender, to get him a good meal. Court, ever thoughtful, asked that Crag for a favor…Later, a bottle of dwarven spirits was delivered to Captain Goodacre just as he was checking The Legacy’s rudder…

Savitar was having success with Redshield who read the letter in the satchel while Savitar looked on. Pleased with the contents, Korin shared a drink with Savitar who inquired about the contents. He only stated that it was a business deal that was going well. He had concerns, however, regarding a shipment of medicine that had not arrived, which he confirmed with his Secretary, Finius. As far as Korin knew, the shipment was still in Haven and under the care of another Statesman, Clive Boddington. He proposed that Savitar get the medicine and bring it to Rock Port. He stressed how grateful the people of Rock Port and Hearthstone would be. He even offered a dwarven vessel on the first leg of the trip if Captain Goodacre demurred… They were discussing the proposal when they heard Finius, in the waiting room, yelling for the Chancellery’s guards!

Korin opened his door to find his Secretary, along with three human men and two dwarven guards, in a standoff. One of the men had his sword drawn; the guards had snapped their helmet visors down and lowered their halberds in preparation for combat.

“What is the meaning of this?” asked Korin.
“Sir,” Finius responded breathlessly, “These men came in here and demanded that you see them. They wanted to disrupt your calendar Sir, your itinerary! When I asked them to wait, they threatened me!”

The man with the drawn sword faced the guards.
The man with a sheathed sword threw his arms up and said, “There is no problem here, I will leave. We don’t want any trouble!”
The other, a Doctor by his bag and dress, stated, “This is a misunderstanding, your receptionist simply overreacted!” This was in fact a lie…

. . .

Mac, Reboot, and the Chief entered the office shortly after Savitar and requested an audience with Redshield regarding “a medical emergency”. They were told they would have to wait.
The Chief thought they were getting the run around and said, “We have important business and we need to see the Ambassador. We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” and flashed the pommel of his sword.
“If he breaks you, I can fix you — so he can do it again,” said the Doctor, backing the Chief’s play.
“The stars are not in your favor, dwarf,” said Reboot who, moments later, was holding his sword and faced with two guards…

. . .

Back in the present, Korin did not believe the Doctor’s story: excitable Finius was; a liar he was not. Korin was instructing the guards to lock up Reboot and escort the other two out of his office when Savitar spoke up.

“Sir, these men are my fellow crew members on The Legacy…”
“What!? Belay that order,” he told the guards.

Taken aside, Savitar explained that if the crew was incarcerated or punished he would, have to make a full report to the Council. That would involve paperwork, possibly hearings, named witnesses, etc. Of course, all of those extra procedural matters could tie Savitar up and delay the retrieval of the medicine. Mac and Reboot overheard the mentioning of the medicine and interjected.

Mac offered to get the medicine in exchange for the location of the moss. Korin thought it over and invited the men into his office, if they disarmed. The Chief would not leave his sword so he stayed behind and held Reboot’s blade. In Chambers, Korin agreed to the offer. However, he stated he would give them the location after he had all of the medicine in his possession. Mac did not like this and they argued about terms. Korin then offered a suggestion: he would write the information on a sealed letter and give it to Savitar. In turn, Savitar would hold it for Korin as insurance. Savitar would honor the agreement and gave his word that he would not hand over or reveal the information until the medicine was delivered to the Diplomat.

Meanwhile, Court was on the trail of the moss. At the Dwarven Merchant’s Guild he was able to find a clerk who gave him the names of 3 merchants known for dealing in exotic vegetation: Cromwin; Lodus; and Ninful. Court needs to find the one who ships the particular moss (as yet unknown), and then learn of the location where it grows.

In the waiting room, the Chief apologized to the guards. Chatting with them, he swapped war stories while the others were talking with Redshield.

After leaving the Chancellery, the Chief purchased some raw materials from a weapon smith recommended by the Chancellery guards. Chief wanted the materials so Reboot could fashion a firearm for him. With loans from Reboot, Mac, and Court (who he had discussed the matter with previously), Reboot was able to buy the raw materials.


If Captain Goodacre wants to revisit “The Incident in the Wastes,” he should get the crew together and say something to the effect: “I think we need to discuss what happened in the Wastes…”

Chapter 4
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