Chapter 6

I beg your pardon. I thought you were someone else.

Game Date: December 22, 2010

The Captain and crew began looking for an Elven High Priest to perform the burial ceremony for the dead elf. Reboot advised the Captain of the best place to look for an Elven priest and Court and the Chief went to find any Elven Misty Isle refugees that might have some information to offer, as well.

A courier showed up with a message for Court. “Viggo the Fat Elf” (his description was not part of the message) requested Court’s presence at the Thick Head Mug Pub later that afternoon…

Meanwhile, the Doctor performed an autopsy to learn more about the elf’s death. Reboot also set to work on his moss growing box and constructing the Chief’s pistol.

In a dodgier section of Rock Port called “the Warrens,” the Chief and Court encountered some down-on-their-luck dwarves with clubs who wanted the Chief and Court to help the dwarves out, by allowing the thugs to rob the pair. Court made them aware that he was one of Crag Stonefin’s associates and that the notorious crime boss would not be happy if Court’s mission was delayed. As a visual exclamation point, the Chief pulled his dagger, flipped it in the air, spun it in a complicated pattern, and sheathed it again. The dwarves rethought their request, and asked that Court keep this misunderstanding to himself. Court agreed—if they would help them find an Elven refugee. The punks were happy to oblige…Court and the Chief returned with their intelligence and advised the Captain.

The Captain found the Priest and agreed to make a large donation to his church to take care of the body, with the understanding that as many Elves would know about the Captain’s altruistic generosity. [Game terms: the Captain has a 1D reputation of “Elf Friend”).

Back on the ship, the Doctor made some discoveries: 1) the elf had been poisoned, 2) it was not an accident, but murder, it had be placed inside his the elf’s ring 3) the poison was known to be used by the Usurper’s Circle, and 4) it was very potent – he learned this final fact when he accidentally came in contact with it, and almost passed out.

Court and the Chief then went to talk to Viggo. They arrived at the bar to find Viggo “passed out”. However, when they tried to revive him, he simply slumped over – Viggo was not unconscious, but dead. Court and the Chief inconspicuously took their “drunken friend” from the bar and returned with him to the ship. There, it was determined Viggo had been poisoned like the elf stowaway.

Court went through Viggo’s pockets and found a key to room 13 at the hostel “The Festering Flea.”

The Captain advised the crew of the funeral arrangements and that they would remain in port until the elf had been buried. The Doctor disagreed and convinced him that they should leave immediately to get to Haven and retrieve the medicine for Korin Redshield. The Captain reluctantly agreed and the crew delivered the corpse to the Priest. They left the next morning and made a very swift (2 days) journey to Haven. During the trip, Reboot completed the Chief’s pistol. Unfortunately, it does not work.

Viggo’s corpse was thrown overboard into the Wastes during the flight to Haven.

It has now been about 9 days since The Legacy left plague-stricken Portalis.

In Haven, Reboot and the Chief took the pistol to a gunsmith. The gunsmith showed him where the problem was, and told Reboot how to fix it.

The rest of the travel-weary crew stopped that night at “The Heavy Hornet” to have a drink and unwind. While they were drinking, the Captain suddenly jumped up and lunged at another patron yelling, “That guy is an Orc in disguise!”

The Captain realized, too late, that he was mistaken…


Savitar does not appear in this Chapter because Bill was unable to play.

Chapter 6
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