Chapter 7

Never judge a Tome by its cover.

Game Date: January 5, 2011

While the Captain was clensing the bar of “Orcs”, Savitar retired to his cabin on The Legacy, locked the door, and broke the seal on Redshield’s documents. The papers revealed that the cure for The Fade was a moss called Dumatinol and it grows on the Omristogal Mountain. Savitar copied the documents and then secreted the information away in various places in his cabin. He replaced the documents with one of his own which simply read, You have disappointed me. — Savitar. Finally, he resealed the missive (as best as he was able) and burned the originals.

While he was cleaning up, he heard Reboot and the Chief return to the ship to drop off the Chief’s defective pistol before they headed out to meet the Captain and the others at the Heavy Hornet.

Alone again, Savitar went to meet his friend and “G-man” spy-master, Doman Purusha. Savitar related what had transpired since he had left Haven 9 days previous. Savitar omitted his breaking of the seal on the Redshield documents and their destruction. Doman advised Savitar that the Usurper Circle was operating again; they are working with a faction of Dwarves to get leverage against the Elves. He then advised Savitar to return the following morning after Doman had time to look into Boddingon’s shipment. At the end of the conversation, Doman requested that Savitar bring the shipment of medicine to him once Savitar found it. Savitar left to find Clive Boddington

Back at the Heavy Hornet the “Orc” screamed in a most un-orclike manner as the Captain lunged drunkenly at her. She was, in fact, a large homely woman who backed away from the assault. In his drunken state, the Captain tripped when the furniture lurched into his path. He was subdued by other patrons before any real harm was done. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Court sat back and watched their Captain rage against his captors.

“She is an Orc!” the Captain bellowed. “Do not let her get away!”

Outside, the Chief and Reboot approached the Hornet. They saw a large woman stumble out and into the street and they heard the Captain screaming inside…As the woman stood gasping in front of the bar, the Chief and Reboot approached and grabbed her. This new development was more than she could bear. She screamed again and fainted.

Inside, the Captain began to calm down while the Chief tried to convince the bartender and patrons to release the Captain into the Chief’s custody. He offered to pay for any damages the Captain may have caused. The bartender refused and called the constabulary.

The crew learned later that the orc-woman is named Madame Tome. She is a local librarian in Haven. After some discussion, she agreed not to press any charges against the Captain. In exchange, however, she insisted he complete a task: Bring back the books and documents from the archival room of the Misty Isles Library which was lost during the Second Battle. The Captain agreed to the deal with the Chief’s approval. In preparation of Madame Tome’s request, the Chief sent a message to Admiral Callahan to get more information about getting in and out of the Misty Isles Library. The Chief would see him the following morning. Lastly, the Captain took the Chief aside and made him promise to prevent the Captain from drinking in the future.

Meanwhile, Savitar found Clive Boddington burning some fishy midnight oil at the Bureau. Savitar asked his fellow statesman about the medicine. Clive tells him that an Onyx ship has agreed to transport the shipment. Savitar is suspicious about Clive’s behavior and learns that Clive is copying and editing logs of flights to Portalis…Savitar left him to his task…

After the Heavy Hornet altercation, Court followed Madame Tome (and her constable escort) to her home. Court proposed that she teach the Chief and Court to read in exchange for free passage on The Legacy to Rock Port, Portalis, and then the Misty Isles. Tome, interested in travelling and ensuring that the Captain pays his debt, agreed to Court’s offer; she told Court to meet her there in the morning. Court tried to convince Tome to board The Legacy that night, but she would have none of it – she needed to pack and get her affairs in order.

Later that night, the Captain could not sleep and was observed by the Doctor leaving the ship. The Captain went to the docks leased by Onyx to see if they had resumed shipping to Portalis. While he was snooping around he was discovered by none other than his younger sister, Lucretia, and a couple of her goons.

“The Guild does not look favorably upon trespassers on the property of other shipping companies. You could lose your license for this,” said Lucretia.
“One could say the same for a company shipping contraband,” said the Captain.
“Get him off our docks…” she ordered her thugs.

Curious about the Captain’s midnight errand, the Doctor had followed and found him about to be manhandled by Lucretia’s mooks. Although, he crept up quietly he was discovered by Lucretia.

“I thought I smelled embalming fluid,” she said turning suddenly to face him. “Take care of both of them,” she told her men.

The goons lunged at the Captain and the Doctor. The Captain slipped out of the first’s grasp and the Doctor moved out of the second’s reach. The Captain then pulled his sword and advised the unarmed thug to back down. The Doctor joined the threat and the two men agreed to let the Captain and Doctor leave of their own volition.

Willam will have your ship within a week,” said Lucretia as the pair retreated into the shadows…


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