Chapter 8

The Chief concern.

Game Date: January 12, 2011

The Chief had secured for the following morning an early audience with Admiral Callahan. The Admiral’s tactical assessment was less than reassuring.

“The Orcs on the Misty Isles stand one-thousand strong, a few score watercraft, and, at any given time about half a dozen airworthy arrows,” said the Admiral “They tend to keep the arrows grounded to save skytanium. Also, you should know that they have a new leader, a warlord that goes by the name ‘Chasm’. Reports indicate he is more cunning than the average Orc. Winston, I know you wouldn’t listen if I advised you against going there, so I won’t try. Just be careful.”

There was a long pause as the old friends regarded each other. “So, on a lighter note, how do you like working with the Captain? Had a drink with him yet? Things can get interesting fast when he starts seeing things…”

The Chief smiled.

“Here, I have something for him,” the Admiral said. He pulled from his desk a bottle containing a thick brown liquid and tossed it to Grekko.

“Give this Dwarf Ale to Goodacre for me.”

The Chief rose to leave.

“Do you have any maps I could review regarding the Isles?” the Chief asked.

“Hmm? Of course, of course, just get with the Lieutenant and he will provide you with movements, guard posts, all of our latest intelligence.”

The Chief suspected that Callahan was not telling him everything, but did not push; he left without further comment.

Back at the docks Chief Grekko found the luggage-laden Madame Tome wobbling toward The Legacy.

The Captain watched her approach.

“My Dear Captain! Thank goodness, I nearly expired under the weight of my accoutrement! Permission to come aboard! Be a good fellow and assist an old woman with her effects. Pfft!” She blew the plume from her ridiculous floppy hat from her eyes.

“What? Wait…What?” The Captain replied.

“I got this Captain!” Court bounced past the Goodacre and down the gangplank.

“She is not coming with us.”

“Sure she is. You invited her last night after you thought she was an Orc and attacked her,” Court lied.

“I did..?” The Captain said.

Savitar disembarked, eager to keep his appointment with Doman Purusha. However, seeing Court might need a little help, before he left Savitar laid a hand upon Court’s shoulder and cast a quick spell.

“May Turoth aid your conniving,” he incanted quietly into Court’s ear.

“Sure you did,” Court said. And this time he almost believed it.

Savitar nodded to Madame Tome as he exited.

“Pfft,” said Madame Tome to her plume.

Court continued, “C’mon Captain, you promised. Besides she can help us find the library. She is not in a rush. She agreed to that we could go to Rock Port and Portalis first while she will teaches me and the Chief to read.”

“We could use her help,” said Chief Grekko.

“Well, if I did say she could go, I was wrong,” the Captain said, “I was drunk. We are flying into orc-infested territory. It is entirely too dangerous. She cannot come. I won’t allow it.”
At this, Tome put down her bags.

“Now let me tell you something young man: You may be a Captain, but I am one of the few survivors of the Second Battle of Misty Isles, the one that saw their demise. I can tell you a thing or two about danger! Besides, I know Avalon like the back of my hand and you will need my help getting to the archives. Furthermore, if you think for one second that I am going to allow you to fly off without making good on your promise, you have another thing coming. Someone needs to keep you on task and out of a rum bottle. Pfft.”

“Very well,” the Captain relented.

“Let me help you on board Madame,” offered Grekko picking up her luggage.

“You are Commander Grekko, Hero of the Misty Isles, are you not?” She asked.

“I am just Chief Grekko, Ma’am.”

“Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, we have much to discuss…”

“Did you find Clive?” Doman asked.

“I did. He was at the Bureau scribing flight logs. It looked like he was duplicating the logs, but omitting certain information.”

“Here, have a look,” said Doman as he produced several log books. “These are Boddington’s official shipping logs that are a matter of record. I had them pulled this morning as a precaution.”

Savitar looked through the latest log entries.

“Strange. There is no reference to a medicine shipment to Rock Port on an Onyx ship.”

“Strange indeed,” said Doman.

“Let me see if I can recall seeing the information.”

Savitar closed his eyes, reached out to the elements, and cast another spell giving himself an eidetic memory.

“I see it. The shipment was listed in the real log on the arrow Star Darter. We are in luck, the date is blurry but it looks as though the ship departs tomorrow.”

“That is good news,” said Doman. “Get that medicine and bring it here. I don’t think it will be a problem, since it does not, officially exist…”

Back on The Legacy, while the Chief was helping Tome get settled into her cabin, he asked her if she remembered anything out of the ordinary in the official correspondence kept in the archives on the eve of the Orc invasion.

“Funny you should mention that…” she replied.

She recalled that there had been an inordinate amount of letters from one Jameson Guffin to a member of the Avalon Council. She could not remember much more.

Grekko thanked her for her information and welcomed her onboard by giving her the ale Callahan had sent to the Captain…

Unbeknown to the Chief, at that very moment, in the bowels of the ship, Reboot completed the Chief’s pistol. The hammer fell with a flawless ‘click’.

Setting the firearm aside, Reboot returned to his work on the box to grow the moss to cure The Fade.

In preparation for their trip, the Captain and Grekko went to find some information to fight the orcs. They returned to Admiral Callahan who referred them to a book dealer named Gerard Boo’Lard. Boo’Lard had just such a treatise: Frederick Marx, Orcish Infantry Tactics and History: A Complete Illustrated Guide, 3rd. ed.
Settlement   founding of av
The Captain went to see Boo’lard and haggled for the book. Ultimately, he had to offer Boo’Lard interest in The Legacy. The Captain can remove this cloud from his arrow by finding for Boo’Lard a 4-volume set of books called The Settlement and Founding of Avalon, Jewel of the Misty Isles by none other than one Dustinacia Tome.

The Crew got together that evening and shared their information. Upon hearing Savitar’s news about the medicine going to Rock Port on the Star Darter, the Captain checked the dock’s flight logs. Something was wrong, Savitar’s spell had misfired: The Star Darter had already left, the previous day…


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