Chapter 9

I love it when a plan comes together.

Game Date: January 19, 2011

“So we swoop in?” asked the Captain.

“And the Chief and I will take care of the sails,” said Reboot.

“Will the ballista be finished?”

“Just catch them and we will do the rest, Captain.”

The Captain and Reboot finished planning to intercept the The Star Darter and seize the medicine before it arrived in Rock Port. They would come in from the top, under cover of night, use the ballista to disable the ship’s sails, and then take the ship by force. Casualties were to be kept to a minimum. All of this assumed that Reboot and the Chief finished building the ballista by the time they caught The Darter.

The Captain and Court plotted The Star Darter’s likely course and Savitar cast a spell to speed The Legacy’s journey; Reboot and the Chief got to work.

After the arrow was underway, Court and Savitar assisted the Doctor Guffin in preparing a poison gas bomb to temporarily incapacitate any sailors that might offer resistance. Unfortunately, Court misread a label and handed the Doctor a wrong ingredient, Savitar was not much more help. Too many cooks spoiled the stew. The good Doctor accidentally gassed the trio and they woke up an hour later…

On deck Madame Tome could be heard braying that somebody had a “bad case of the effluvium.”

The Doctor instructed his dazed assistants, “Nobody else knows about this.”

Unfortunately, Savitar’s spell to aid the ship’s speed was also wonky and the ship was thrown off course.

Reboot and the Chief seemed to have the only luck during the trip: Not only did they get the ballista mounted and ready, Reboot finely calibrated it for one good shot. The pair also fluted the bolts so they would whistle when fired. They named the siege weapon “The Screaming Betty”, after the Chief’s mother.

Despite the setbacks, the Captain got back on course. But they arrived later than he intended. The Legacy no longer had the cover of night and they found that other circumstances had changed. The Darter was on the ground and its crew was in the process of fitting it with the second of 2 ballistas. The 12 crew members were being assisted by as many orcs.

Captain Goodacre and his crew quickly formulated a new plan.

They flew in and took the men and orcs by surprise. Reboot fired Betty at The Darter’s mounted ballista, disabling it — the Captain had surmised that a dramatic display of force would scare the orcs and cause them to scatter and retreat. Furthermore, Savitar enhanced the perceived threat by casting an illusion to make The Legacy look like a Haven military vessel. Court worked the rigging to make the The Legacy keen as it approached, just for added effect.

The new plan worked! The Onyx ship’s ballista was destroyed and the orcs fled. A few of the crew ran as well, but the majority gave up at the sight of an attacking Haven warship.

The Chief, Reboot, Savitar, and Court boarded The Star Darter and took prisoners. The Chief found the ship’s captain, Lewis Jacobs, in his cabin. Captain Jacobs surrendered his sword without a fight and asked for terms. He was taken to Captain Goodacre.

The Captains knew each other. They had served together previously under Captain Terrance. Lewis Jacobs had been Terrance’s Chief Shipwright.

Chief, Doctor, and Captain parlayed with Jacobs. In exchange for his life, and those of his crew, Jacobs agreed to turn over the medicine and work as an informant for Captain Goodacre against Onyx. The Darter would be allowed to limp to Rock Port and Jacobs would tell them they had been attacked by orc raiders.

Meanwhile, Savitar discovered The Darter’s statesman murdered with a knife in his back. When shown the knife, Captain Jacobs recognized it as belonging to his First Mate, Furtain. Jacobs was visibly taken aback to learn of his First Mate’s betrayal.

When Savitar confronted the Furtain, he said, “You don’t know who you are dealing with. I work for the Council. If you are lucky, you’ll ride a desk the rest of your carteer, statesman!”

Savitar responded by taking the First Mate to Doctor Guffin for interrogation.

Under the Doctor’s diligent “care,” Furtain confessed that he was in fact working for the Doctor’s brother, Councilman Jameson Guffin. The Councilman is in league with crime lord Crag Stonefin to bring down the elves. They have a further alliance with the orcs who are providing weaponry.

Furtain spit through is red-stained teeth and said, “those haughty bastard elves deserve what they get, especially that bitch of a princess, that whore! She…” The First Mate was unable to finish his insults, it dissolved into a gurgled gasp when Doctor Guffin slit his throat.

The Legacy’s crew offloaded the medicine and also commandeered some of The Darter’s skytanium. Savitar and Reboot were concerned that The Star Darter, without a statesman to control the reactor, might succumb to “zephronic feedback” which could cause an overload and destroy the ship.

The Darter, its Captain, and remaining crew, were allowed to limp to Rock Port…


I was thinking about this game last night. It occurred to me that we have had some physical scenes in this game, the Captain and Doctor on the docks; the Captain trying to subdue Tome; and the confrontation in Redshield’s office…Chapter 9 featured the first spilling of blood — by Roy’s “unarmed” Doctor. It was cold.

You guys are great. I love this game. :)

Chapter 9

Jeff was telling me this the other day… I couldn’t believe him. Oh well… I figure he will be just the first in a long line of dead bodies.

Remember… she’s MY Elven Princess. :)

Chapter 9

Just wait til the Doctor “tortures” the librarian. Hubba Hubba!

Chapter 9
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