Winston "Chief" Grekko

Security Chief for the legacy. His scars are long and deep.



  1. Never trust a bureaucrat (“Wars are started by politicians but ended by common folk”).
  2. The best battle is the one you don’t fight.
  3. I am not a hero, but I will EARN that title.


  1. Never leave a crew member behind.
  2. When I find whoever betrayed the Misty Isles, I will kill him/her.
  3. When pushed to fight, show no mercy.

Commander of the Allied Haven forces during the fall of the Misty Isles, Winston Grekko despises war almost as much as he does the wretched orcs who have waged it against his homeland his entire life. Born in Avalon, the capital city and main outpost on the Misty Isles, Grekko joined the City Guard when he was 14. He fought alongside General Marx under the stern command of Admiral Callahan in both battles of The Misty Isles. When the Isles fell, Grekko’s life changed forever. Without home or family, he began to lose all hope and purpose in life. Grekko eventually turned to Callahan for help. Callahan introduced Winston to Captain Alexander Hachstrasse Goodacre and an instant friendship was formed. Grekko currently serves as the Chief of Security aboard The Legacy.

Although decorated as a hero for freeing several captives and making a valiant effort to fight off the orc raiding parties during the Second Battle of the Misty Isles, Grekko would never consider himself a hero. He does hope to one day earn such a title.

Winston "Chief" Grekko

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