Madame Dustinacia Tome

Homely Haven librarian and Avalon history expert. She is trying to recover the Misty Isles archives...


Lifepaths: City Born, Student, Scribe, Scholar (x3); Age: 53

Persona: 0 Fate: 3 Deeds: 0
Wi: B5 Pe: B6 Po: B2 Fo: B4 Ag: B4 Sp: B2 Speed Mult.: x3.5
Ref: B4 Ste: B5 Hes: 5 Hea: B4 MW: B9 Circles: B2 Resources: B0
Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9
  1. I will recover Avalon’s lost Archives.
  2. I will prevent Captain Goodacre from drinking alcohol.
  3. I will see that Captain Goodacre honors his commitment.
  1. Always have writing utensil and notebook.
  2. If one cannot free from combat, one plays dead.
  3. Instruct the unlearned at every opportunity.
[Dt] Near-Sighted [Char] Know it all [Dt] Bookworm [Char] Cramped Hands [Char] Ugly [Char] Obstinate
Ancient Languages B6 Astrology B5
Foreign Languages B5 History B6
Instruction B6 Misty Isle-Wise B8
Philosophy B4 Read B5
Research B6 Rule of Law B4
Symbology B4 Write B5

1D Library of Haven


1D Misty Isles Expert


Saul Binder


Clothes, Shoes, Instruction Tool Kit, Printed Volumes, Quills/Inks, Paper, Parchment, Scrolls, Finery, Traveling Gear


Small Cottage in Haven, “Footnote” the Cat


Bare Fisted I:B1 M:B2 S:B3 Add 2 VA 0 Fast Shortest


Madame Tome is one of the refugees of the Second Battle of Misty Isles. She is a Misty Isles Scholar having written their definitive history. At the time the Orcs attacked Avalon, she was the head librarian at the the city’s Library where she diligently maintained the archives.

Recently, Madame Tome was attacked by a drunken Captain Goodacre, who was convinced in his inebriated state that she was an orc in disguise. In exchange for abstaining from prosecuting the Captain, Tome has elicited an agreement from the Captain to return to the Orc infested Misty Isles to retrieve the her lost archives. See Chapter 7.

She has recently “joined” the crew of The Legacy and is teaching Court Steeple and Chief Grekko to read and write. While she has agreed to travel to Rock Port and Portalis, her primary concern is ensuring that Captain Goodacre does not break his promise. See Chapter 8.

Madame Dustinacia Tome

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