Captain Alexander Hachstrasse Goodacre

The Legacy's owner and Captain. Nothing comes between him and his lady.



  1. My ship’s well-being comes before ahead of the crew or anyone else.
  2. I will thwart my brother’s intentions anytime I find them.
  3. Profit first; people second.


  1. I will always treat Orcs with hostility and contempt.
  2. My sword never leaves my side.
  3. I am always aware of the ships status.

I am of noble birth, however, I was the last born male of 6 siblings. While I was raised in a noble house, I had no possibility of gaining from my nobility because of my birth status. I was told at an early age by my parents and more so my siblings that if I wanted anything in life, I would have to go and get it myself. The eldest is cruel and eighteen years my senior. He became the head of the house when my father died when I was four years old. The rest of the siblings and my mother followed in lock step with his wishes at every point afterward.

I was well educated and had to fight for all things in my life and value them greatly. If it belongs to me, IT IS MINE!! I fell in love with the prospect of piloting my own ship during puberty. I left school and immediately began the life of an airship sailor with designs to pilot and run my own ship.

The LEGACY is mine and I will guard her with my own life and the life of every one of my passengers.

Captain Terrance retired because he was tired. When I say tired I mean in the sense that someone gets tired or fed up with their position and is ready to do something else.

This is because of several things. 1. Captain Terrance was 64 years old. In our world to continue in a hazardous position aboard a ship of much younger men, he was on borrowed time. 2. Captain Terrance lost his son to the withering disease on the surface of the planet when his son was only twelve. Unknowingly, I replaced his son aboard the ship about six months after this happened. I became a surrogate in some ways but I was never the same as the original. I never tried to be that son, but I did have a close relationship with him. My family is, and forever will be, this ship. 3. Eight years ago in one of the final runs before he sold me the ship, we encountered Orcs who boarded the ship. They took the captain hostage while the rest of the crew fought off the invasion. I was injured severely. I lost a large “mouth-shaped” chunk of my upper left arm from a bite, my left wrist was broken, a severe gash across the top of my skull from a sword blade caused part of my hair to not grow back, four broken ribs from a club to the side, and various other bruises and minor cuts most of which have left scars. However, the captain was tortured for three days before we caught up with the Orc ship and took it back. His right eye was removed with a pick, his ankles and knees were crushed in a vise, and his hair was set afire until it hit his skull and burned it, then the flame was put out. We saved the captain and captured fourteen of the Orcs alive. We did what you would do in that case: we threw the dead overboard to land wherever and hanged the rest from the ship and set it adrift as a reminder to all that this is what happens to those who would attempt to take our ship. Picture a ship floating in open air with fourteen bodies hanging from various points around the ship in midair

Captain Terrance was never the same afterward and shortly after he recovered medically, he sold me the ship. I have never seen him since.

I owe nothing to my brother!! I purchased the Legacy from Captain Terrance for whom I was First Mate. My ship is paid for free and clear! I’m not about to any bank or person money for my freedom!

My brother owns the second largest shipping and freight corporation. This is where all of the family money came from ( and nobility). I make a point of shipping for anyone who can pay as long as it does not originate from my brother. He has sent agents to try to get me to ship “contraband” to different sites around the globe.

Now I am not above taking a dubious shipment as long as I do not put me or mine in jeopardy, but f&%$# him! His company and the rest of the family can rot for all I care about them. They followed him to the edge of sensibility. I will not!

Captain Alexander Hachstrasse Goodacre

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