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Welcome to Witherscape

A vast wasteland scoured by high winds separates the few habitable environs.

Dwarves rule the underground. Elves take refuge in the few forests. Humans eke out an existence in the remaining hospitable lands. Orcs control the Wastes that separates the other races.

You have an arrow. You have cargo.

Do you have courage?

Part I

Chapter 1: Have bovine, will travel.
Chapter 2: A day late and a dollar short.
Chapter 3: The Doctor makes a house call while Court is in session.
Chapter 4: Don’t bring a knife to a slap fight.
Chapter 5: Who invited that guy?
Chapter 6: I beg your pardon. I thought you were someone else.
Chapter 7: Never judge a Tome by its cover.
Chapter 8: The Chief concern.
Chapter 9: I love it when a plan comes together.
Chapter 10: The case of the missing medicine.
Chapter 11: Those that lie above and below the fog…
Chapter 12: The King is dead. Long live…
Chapter 13: Savitage!
Chapter 14: I’m not feeling so good…
Part I: Epilogue

Part II

Chapter 15: Wanna bet?
Chapter 16: Go baby, go!
Chapter 17: This taste funny to you?
Chapter 18: It is better to burn out than fade away.
Chapter 19: Tomes…err, I mean bowls away!

In the Roosack…

You can hear recordings of the Witherscape: Part II at Roo Sack Gamers Podcast. We did not start recording until the end of Part I…

Also, please check out the First Phase of our Burning Empires campaign Harbinger’s Rock, as well as our other Burning Wheel campaign Flames of Gold at the Roo Sack Gamers Podcast Archive.

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