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This god-forsaken land is scoured by high winds. Vast areas of bare rock, sand, or tundra separate the few habitable environs. The Dwarves rule the underground; the Elves have taken refuge in the few remaining forests; and, Humans eke out an existence in the remaining hospitable lands. Orcs control the wastes.
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The largest Human city-state. There are a few other independent city-states, but they rarely act without the blessing, if not the acquiescence, of Haven – it is the defacto capital.

Haven resides in the Isosceles Valley. The valley is gets its name from its v-shape. Its “acute” angle points to the west. Several mountain tributaries collect in the River Whitecap, which flows through the center of a valley and ends at the delta in the mouth of the valley. The land is generally also know as the Undershroud, but this technically refers to the westernmost part of the valley covered by the Shroud.

The Shroud

ShroudA layer of Clouds that covers the narrow western two-thirds of the Isosceles Valley. The thick clouds often cover areas for weeks at a time. There surface is broken intermittently by a mountain peak (“Skyland”). These skylands serve as markers for arrow navigators who use them to descend into the valley from above.


The Judge-Governor

Elected for life by the Council. The Judge-Governor never comes from the ranks of the Council itself.

The Judge-Governor is the Commander and Chief of the military.

The current Judge-Governor is Saul Binder.

The Council of Twelve Haven

The Council members, and their method of selection, are as varied as the people they represent. Some council members are elected, others bought there station, some are there by birthright, and a couple earned their seats at the table through trial by combat.

Each of the smaller city-states has its own council. However, these councils are not as diverse in membership as in Haven and tend to be ruled in fact by the city-state’s most powerful faction.

The Council keeps a tight reign on trade vessels through legislation, regulations, and licensing. These are enforced by Governmental Certified Magi (“Governor’s Men” or “G-Men”) like Doman Purusha. Each licensed vessel carries on board a political officer, or Statesman, who have been trained at the Collegia Arcanus Aeronautica, to ensure there are no violations of the byzantine rules. Infractions are dealt with swiftly through grounding of the ship and the State decides to take the license or commandeer or dismantle the vessel – the entire process has been known to take years…

The Merchant’s Guild

Representatives of each Guild decide “fair” rates of commerce. One prominent member of the Guild is Duke Willam Goodacre, owner of Haven’s largest merchant fleet, Onyx Transportation Partners, “Onyx”. But for a few exceptions, the Duke’s company holds a practical monopoly in Haven. It is no secret that the Duke has designs on a seat at the Council.

Ship Builders Union

Located in each port and city, the Ship Builders Union sees to the needs of the ships and their captains and engineers.

The Usurpers’ Circle

An affiliation of merchants in Haven that led a failed coup to establish an Oligarchy. The coup failed, but the movements sympathizers remain in the shadows waiting for another opportunity.

The Nobility

Nobles in Haven were have become besotted with indulgences and debauchery. A few Houses maintain their influence through shrewd commerce or positions on the Council.


The Dwarven capital. Hearthstone is buried deep within the earth and few outsiders have ever walked its hallowed halls.


Magic degrades noble blood.

Keladon is the second largest city-state. Ruled by a centuries old monarchy, magic is discouraged among nobles through disinheritance.

The Misty Isles

Misty islesIsland outpost and site of the two Battles of the Misty Isles. The first successfully routed the Orcish invaders, the Second Battle saw the fall of the Isles to the Orc invaders. The Orcs currently hold the Isles…

The diaspora of the battalion that lost the Misty Isles are spread throughout the habitable lands.


Sylvan home of the Elves closest to Haven, it resides in densely wooded hills to the southwest. Portalis is a 5-day flight from Haven.

Rock Port

The Dwarven port closest to Haven. Rock Port is located in the Silver Top Mountains of the Ironcap Range and lies 4 days to the northwest from Haven.

Rock Port is also the home of Crag Stonefin.

The Races


Their actual relative numbers are unknown. The Dwarves control the mining and refinement of skytanium.


The race with the smallest population. Elves grow and harvest the elfwood. They have recently been plagued by a rare elven disease, the Feahestlirva, literally "spirit withering sickness. The Fades suspected cause is the consumption of meat.


Second in number only to the Orcs, Humans control the commerce in the land.


OrcsOrcs live short brutal lives in unorganized tribes. While the Orcs outnumber the humans, their tribal nature and lack of unity prevents them from becoming a more immediate threat to the more civilized races.

Aeronautical Ships (Arrows)Arrow


The mineral that gives Elfwood the power of flight. It burns at an exponential rate relative to the ships mass and altitude.


Porous wood grown by the Elves. It is light and porous, but strong.

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